Jun 18, 2015

Devorise Dixon got fried rat served at KFC California United States !!!

A guy named Devorise Dixon https://www.facebook.com/devorise.dixon got fried rat instead of friend chicken. Alongside the pic he uploaded on facebook he wrote.

"As I bit into it I noticed that it was very hard and rubbery which made me look at it. As I looked down at it I noticed that it was was in a shape of a rat with a tail. "It sent deep chills throughout my whole body! I’ve been feeling weird ever since. It's time for a lawyer, be safe don't eat fast food!"

I think this is indeed a rat, if KFC was indeed sure if it was chicken, they could have taken some legal action against him for spreading false info and then conducted an independenet test on this rather than requesting him to share the piece. This is going to affect KFC brand and they have lost quite a large number of customers across the globe due to this.
See how mute their response is, if someone posted something like this about my product, I would definitely have taken legal action to get the truth out.