Jan 27, 2006

Tagrolls of Today's Newspaper

Tell me how is this. The more a tag is mentioned in news the more bigger the tag grows and the more news it brings. Get a news snapshot here

Bharatheeyam at Trivandrum Republic Day 2006

Originally uploaded by luttu007.
Republic day bharatheeyam by school children at thiruvananthapuram on January 26,2006

Jan 14, 2006

Give one file, get one free!


About file-swap.com
Why should I want to swap files to file-swap.com?

As our slogan says: Give one file, get one free!
File-swap.com is meant to be fun. It acts as a big black box. You put in one file and you will receive a different file in exchange which someone swaped earlier. If many users swap cool files many other users recieve cool files.

Jan 13, 2006

TECH – A – BREAK 2006

TECH – A – BREAK 2006

Tech-a-break 2006 is proposed to be conducted from the 25th of March to the 31st of March 2006. This year, we propose to bring in celebrities like Sonu Nigam, Kushboo / Malaika, Charu Sharma and other eminent personalities to add spice to the celebrations.

Loads and loads of prizes to be won including Flight Tickets, Holidays, cruises, T-shirts, gift coupons and many many more

25th March: SPORTS DAY

The morning of the 25th opens up a colourful ground set to tease, thrill and enchant the competitors with an array of fun filled Team games. From slippery wet slides to thin walk tops, the games will be a display of skill, humour and guts!!!!!!
A colourful parade with fire dancers, acrobats, jugglers and of course the competing companies will mark the close of the sports day.

27th MARCH:
Solo song – Western Category:

Venue: Travancore Hall Time: 10.00 am
Solo songs in the western category will be held at the Travancore Hall from 10.00 am onwards.


Venue: Time: 7.00 pm
The competition will be restricted to one item per company. Categories will be Western and Light music.

28th March:
Solo song –Classical Category:

Venue: Travancore Hall Time: 10.00 am
Group Dance Competition:

Venue: Time: 7.00 pm

This is the campuses most colourful day where one group after the other performs scintillating dances. Entries restricted to one dance per company.

29th March:

Solo Song – Light Music Category:

Venue: Travancore Hall Time: 10.00 am

Rock Show and Disco:

Venue: Time: 7.00 pm
Head banging time for all the techies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Presenting “Dreadlocks”, the rock band that will perform almost anything right from pop to solid rock. The evening will begin with commercial music including pop, rap etc and move on to rock and heavy metal. Be prepared to bang your heads till you drop!!!!

30th March:

KNOCK ‘ EM’ Brains..!!!

Venue: Time: 10.00 am

Quiz master Charu Sharma will be the host for the quiz.

Mr. And Miss Technopark

Venue: Time: 7.00 pm

Anchored by Kushboo / Malaika, the most charming lady and gemtleman of Technopark will be crowned. Performances by eminent singers and dancers in between the rounds will add spice to the event.

31st March:


Master Blaster Sonu Nigam will enthrall the audience with a 2-hour stage performance.


Jan 11, 2006

Diwali Celebration Video Clip In Google Video

You might have read about New Google Video Clip Collection
I have uploaded a video of my sister celebrating Diwali. Since the full length playback is not supported in India i have linked that here. check it out