Feb 22, 2006

If you were allowed to ask one only question to God, what would it be?

i am actively participating in http://answers.yahoo.com. You can questions which i recently answered here yahoobadge.html . This week ( before 25 Feb 2006 ) i plan to hit Level 3.

More about Yahoo! Answers here

Feb 15, 2006

PBwiki makes creating a wiki easy

The tagline of the company says it all
“PBwiki makes creating a wiki as easy as making a peanut butter sandwich”.

Wikis are easy-to-use Web pages that let you collaborate online and share information.ImageRun a project at work.ImagePlan a trip with your friends.ImageOr even save your recipes and let other people add theirs.You can edit your wiki very easily (even easier than HTML!)

visit wiki of arun.t
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Feb 8, 2006

"May There Be No More Bloodshed in Kannur"

A mother and child wait for Amma in the hot Kannur sun.

Latest 26 Photos from Kannur, Kerala about Amma, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi
Around 70,000 people came to see Amma in Kannur. Show original item

Feb 3, 2006

May our love song never end

lucky to get a new iPod shuffle - Smallest iPod - The size of a pack of gum, iPod shuffle weighs less than a car key

May our love song never end