Aug 30, 2009

::Mallya::Force India’s Giancarlo Fisichella finishes second

Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen wins Belgian Formula One Grand Prix; Force India’s Giancarlo Fisichella finishes second, first F1 podium finish for Force India 7:02pm IST

Force India Formula one driver is second in Belgian Grand Prix.

Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen wins Belgian Formula One Grand Prix -

Vijay Mallya Q&A: The best day of my F1 life

Aug 18, 2009

Is Chief Minister Karunanidhi Dead?

Aug 17, 2009

Aishwarya Rai has flu like symptoms : Bachan Blogs


"Aishwarya has taken ill and is down with chest infection and flu like symptoms. Had a high fever yesterday but is settling down today." blogs Amitabh Bachan in

Aug 15, 2009

UST global to file for IPO after recession : CFO

UST Global is a US-based IT software and services company with majority of its operations in Kerala.
Saw this piece of news in "The Economic Times".

"Our growth has so far been organic. But, we are open to acquisitions if they have advantages in new technology areas and help us to grow in markets like Europe and Asia. But, they should have a good culture so that it can be smoothly integrated with ours", UST Global CFO Krishna Sudheendra told ET in Chennai.

UST Global recently acquired a testing company in Canada and an e-commerce company in the US. Its largest vertical is healthcare, garnering 40% of revenues.

The company's strategy has so far been on saving costs by setting up its development centres in Kerala, which still remains a low cost destination compared to Chennai and other major cities. "The Kerala government, through the downturn, has been strict that there should be no layoffs. But, they have been providing us other sops," Mr Sudheendra said. "The cost arbitrage in this state is nearly 25% more compared to the more industrious states of the country."

The company has a global workforce of 6000
India - 4800
Trivandrum - 3500
Chennai - 1000
Kochi - 250

The company has offered employment to 400 students from the engineering colleges in the state last year 2008-09. UST global has stopped campus recruitment temporarily.

"The strong base of engineering students in Kerala is very much undertapped, and they have to go outside the state to seek jobs, "Mr Sudheendra said. Plus, lot of experienced people working abroad want to return to their home State.

"Lateral recruitments are still on and we have found that Malayalees are only too keen to return from wherever they are and work for us, as they can stay with their families, their children can grow up with their grandparents in their homeland," Mr Sudheendra said.

The company have plans to launch UST Global Kottayam, UST Global and so on.
"We would also be going in for a market issue after the global economic recovery is confirmed," Mr Sudheendra said.

Aug 14, 2009

ISRO Bhuvan Google Earth Software Download

Is Bhuvan Earth Software an Independence Day Gift from ISRO ?

Click here to download ISRO BHUVAN Earth Internet Explorer plugin software .

New Users, Please register first...

According to ISRO you are restricted to use Bhuvan earth for
  • Real time navigation or route guidance, including but not limited to turn-by-turn route guidance that is synchronized to the position of a user's sensor-enabled device;
  • Any systems or functions for automatic or autonomous control of vehicle behavior.

What is ISRO Bhuvan Earth?
ISRO Bhuvan Earth is a software interface developed by ISRO. Bhuvan software provides high resolution satellite imagery of virtually the entire India over the internet. You can "fly" around using mouse and keyboard on a simple desktop computer with virtual globe in front draped with IRS images over Indian region. Many other features are built in, including 3D terrain and information on many thematic data.

What can ISRO Bhuvan Earth do for me?
Bhuvan is a free web based image portal. Most Image visualization programs are very expensive and complex. Bhuvan provides a fast and friendly way to look at IRS satellite data and thematic information in geographic context, which is invaluable for management, planning and visualization. Additionally, Bhuvan makes it easy to share digital data between people and computers anytime, anywhere. Over a period of time a lot more unique functionalities will be added into this tool to address common man’s problems, particularly in the rural setup of India and addressing natural resources management issues.

What do I require to run ISRO Bhuvan Earth on my Machine?
You require the Bhuvan Plug-in which can be downloaded from the Bhuvan website after registration and you will also need DirectX8 or higher version ( for installing the plug-in. Please note that the Bhuvan Plug-in can be installed with administrative privileges only.

How do I use ISRO Bhuvan Earth?
When you first open ISRO Bhuvan Earth website, You will land on the index page which gives you information on ISRO Bhuvan Earth and this page also allows you to register for using the ISRO Bhuvan Earth. Once you successfully register, you will land on the ISRO Bhuvan Earth 3D client page. Here, there are three primary areas of the program that you'll be using. The main window shows a globe, and you can navigate around with your mouse or use the Heads-Up Display (HUD) option available on the right top corner. Double right click to zoom in, and double left click to zoom out (or use your mousewheel). Right click, hold, and drag to pan. The second area is at the upper right of the main window. When you move your mouse over the navigation compass, it give you more movement options such as rotate and tilt (which you can also do with your mouse). The third area is to the left of the main window. This frame includes a fly to location and fly to important places option. On the top of the globe are the menu options for layers, 2D and 3D drawing, measurement tools, snapshot tools etc. When you select any of these options, you see the context options on the left plane where you can make appropriate choices that you can turn on to make visible in the main windows such as roads, 3D terrain, and more.

Can I use ISRO Bhuvan Earth if I don't have a fast internet connection?
Yes. ISRO Bhuvan Earth is designed to be as bandwidth-friendly as possible. However, it is dependent on continuously downloading a large amount of imagery. Consequently, the faster your connection, the better the program will perform. If you have a slow connection, ISRO Bhuvan Earth will download imagery correspondingly slowly, but it will (eventually) download everything at the maximum available resolution. Depending on the number of concurrent users on over servers and the kind of bandwidth at client end the ultimate speed of visualisation will be decided. This is a beta release, however with more learnings we will be able to make things more comfortable for all types of users.

Can I use ISRO Bhuvan Earth if I'm not connected to the internet?
No. You will have to be connected to Internet for using ISRO Bhuvan Earth.

How current is the imagery in ISRO Bhuvan Earth?

ISRO Bhuvan Earth portal does NOT display data in real-time. The images you see are a combination of satellite imagery from various IRS sensors taken (generally) sometime within the last three years during different seasons. ISRO Bhuvan Earth, on release, contains IRS satellite images from OCM, AWifs, LISS 3, and LISS 4 sensor images and will be added with more data from time to time. ISRO Bhuvan Earth is constantly updating its database to use more recent and higher resolution images.

You can explore the metadata content to determine when exactly a specific area was imaged, but you may be able to use landmarks to generalize a date range if you are familiar with the area.

How do I bookmark a place in ISRO Bhuvan Earth?
Zoom to the location that you'd like to bookmark (placemark, more accurately), use the draw tool to place an icon. After you save the placemark, it will stay in the frame to the left of the main window, and double clicking on it will zoom you to that position.

Can I add my own data into ISRO Bhuvan Earth?
No. In the current version, you will not be able to add your own data

Do I have to register to use ISRO Bhuvan Earth?
Yes. It is compulsory to register to use ISRO Bhuvan Earth.

How much does ISRO Bhuvan Earth cost?
The basic version of ISRO Bhuvan Earth is free. Once you register and you login, you will be asked to download the ISRO Bhuvan Earth plug-in. Accept the installation of the plug-in and you are ready to use the full features of ISRO Bhuvan Earth.

What are the Installation Requirements for Using ISRO Bhuvan Earth?

Requirements for Windows

* Operating System: Windows XP/Vista
* CPU: Pentium 4 2.4GHz+ or AMD 2400xp+
* System Memory (RAM): 512MB
* Hard Disk: 2GB free space
* Network Speed: 768 Kbits/sec
* Graphics Card: 3D-capable with 32MB of VRAM
* Screen: 1280x1024, "32-bit True Color"

Can I run ISRO Bhuvan Earth on Mac OS,Unix and Linux?
No at the moment ISRO Bhuvan Earth can run only on windows system and is optimised for IE 6. or higher

What type of data can I see in ISRO Bhuvan Earth?
You will be able to see the following data on ISRO Bhuvan Earth

* Satellite imagery (LISS III , LISS IV along with metadata and Multi- temporal Data from OCM & AWiFS)
* Value added information (NADAMS – National Agricultural Drought Monitoring System), Output of flood studies for certain areas,
* Thematic information (Wastelands, Soils, watershed,water resources related maps)
* Base layers ( administrative boundaries, transport layers, water bodies, etc)
* Census information
* Metadata

What do I do when I get the ‘’DD_ERR Video Ram Memory’’ error?
Close all other applications and relaunch ISRO Bhuvan Earth.

Is this a Google Killer?
This is not a Google Killer or an answer to Google but just a share of what ISRO can see through the satellites up there.

Aug 13, 2009

Watch BBC World from India via Internet

In India BBC World was a Free To Air (FTA) channel till 15 June 2006 but is now a pay channel. In order to get BBC in Indian Television you have to subscribe to DTH services like Big TV, Dish TV, Sun DTH etc.


Aung+San+Syu+Kyi-+Sentenced BBC

If you really want to see BBC World you can visit and then click BBC World News . There will be a 5 minute live preview. If you install Opera you can reload the page after the 5 minute preview and watch the channel for more than 5 minutes. In other browsers its not as easy ...


Aug 7, 2009

Compare Prices of External Hard Disk Drives in India

The following are the prices of Hard Disk in Kerala. A tax of 4% may be applicable. If you compare the price of these external Hard Disk with any shopping sites such as rediff shopping, you will feel funny. The prices online are made high and then shown a discount but still above the retail price...

Seagate Freeagent 3.5 1TB External HardDisk USB External HDD All India Warranty 1 TB 1 TB (Tera Byte Hard Disk) Seagate Rs.5700 only including TAX

About this Product

About this Product

Seagate 1 Tb FreeAgent Desktop External Hard Drive - USB 2.0


Product Descriptions :
When its time to back up and protect your digital content--photos, music, documents, and more--it doesn't get much easier than the Seagate Free Agent Desktop 1TB (1000GB ) USB Portable Hard Drive. Simply plug it in to any power source, connect the USB cable to any computer, and you're ready to go. This hip-looking hard drive takes up less room on your desk than an ordinary stapler, giving you more space for your other desktop items.

Vast capacity with the footprint no bigger than a stapler
Just plug it in and you're ready to go
5-year limited warranty
Transfer files quickly with USB 2.0.
Backup CDs, DVDs or store files and programs for on-the-go
1TB glorious gigabytes of storage - compatible with Windows Vista.
Technical Specifications
Interface USB 2.0
Capacity 1 TB
Spindle Speed 7200 rpm

Applications, Digital photos, Videos, Music, DVDs, Business documents, Email

Compatability, Interface USB 2.0

O/S PC, Windows Vista, Windows 2000 Professional, XP Professional, or XP Home Edition

O/S Mac
Drive is formatted NTFS, you will need to reformat for Mac using Disk Utility
Power PC G3, G4, or G5 processor running OS X 10.3.9 (or higher), or
Intel Core Duo or Core Solo processor running OS X 10.4.6 (or higher)

Inside the box
FreeAgent Desktop drive
FreeAgent software and electronic documentation pre-loaded on the data mover drive
USB 2.0 cable
AC power adapter
Quick start guide

Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

250GB Seagate Rs.3350
250GB Transcend Rs.3200
320GB Seagate Rs.3700 ( Two years Warranty )
320GB Seagate Rs.3900 ( Five years Warranty )

500GB Seagate Portable Rs.5800


500 GB Iomega Prestige Portable Rs.5700

estern+Digital HArddisk
320 Western Digital 3700

Aug 3, 2009

TaTa DoCoMo offers 1ps per second calls

UPDATE 3:  All local mobile calls @ 1p/ 3secs. STD mobile calls @ 1.2p/ sec. Local/STD landline calls@ 1.5p/ sec. Validity : 90 Days . To get this recharge using Rs. 38 voucher

UPDATE 2:Unlimited GPRS packs from TataDocomo.
It available to all prepaid users but not for postpaid users. Use it from your mobile or Connect mobile to your laptop or PC and get fast browsing speeds at Rs. 95 per month with no data limit! Rs. 95 for 30 days and Rs. 15 for 3 days. No limits

UPDATE1:Sept 13 : Tata DoCoMo facebook profile says
"A lot of users have given us feedback on GPRS ... so watch out for the announcement of unlimited TATA DoCoMo GPRS packages soon"
To Activate Voice Mail Service of Tata Docomo
ACT VM and SMS to 121
Then just dial +919029090290 to access you voice mail box anytime.


TaTa DoCoMo offers promotional tariff of 1 paisa per second calls and 2ps per second for outside state calls for its GSM mobile service. The only issue is that during peak hours STD calls might not be routed. Hope it is due to the unexpected user addition.

Recharge with 30/- INR - Free- 600 Local & National SMS(30 days) - Only in Kerala and Orissa..
In Bangalore...100 sms per day free....only the first sms of the day is charged 60ps .
In Andhra Pradesh...first three sms's will be charged 60 paise each.. later 150 sms are free...This cycle repeats again if u complete the quota of 150...

The missed call alert is completely free. They are transparent enough to share things upfront and not hide in some fine print. The manual is funny to read. 12525 is the call center no.

The range of Tata DoCoMo in Kerala is pretty okay. Not many have heard of the service in Kerala except the regular TV viewers and FM radio listeners. The sales generated are mostly via viral marketting. see twitter and facebook channels.

There is scarcity of new sim cards for a new DoCoMo connection and recharge coupons. I haven't met someone who has a postpaid connection. The cost of new SIM card is Rs.45. Once your call completes Docomo automatically throws the pop up about the balance.. it not only shows the saved seconds but also the last call charge.


Dive in, Internet and MMS settings for DOCOMO // TATA DOCOMO GPRS Manual Settings

TATA DOCOMO DIVE-IN Settings manually on your GPRS phone

Under the ' TATA DOCOMO DIVE-IN ' WAP profile in Settings:
- Connection Name : TATA DOCOMO DIVE-IN
- Data Bearer : GPRS
- Access Point Name : TATA.DOCOMO.DIVE.IN
- Username :
- Password :
- Homepage :
- Connection Security : Off
- Session Mode : Permanent

In case of the WAP 2.0 compliant phones, the following extra settings need to be done(visit for the list of WAP 2.0 phones): -

Under Options > Advanced Settings
- Phone IP Address : Automatic
- Primary name server :
- Second name server :
- Proxy server address :
- Proxy port number : 8080

1)Dive in
home page
proxy server 

port <8080>


home page
proxy server
port <8799>

for iphone:

Everyone who has compatible handsets...will receive the configuration automatically...u just need to
DOCOMO doesn't give us the comfort of recharging online.

'DOCOMO' stand for - Do Communication Over the Mobile Network. The word dokomo, means "everywhere" in Japanese

TATA DOCOMO is Tata Teleservices Limited's (TTSL) telecom service on the GSM platform-arising out of the Tata Group's strategic alliance with Japanese telecom major NTT DOCOMO in November 2008. Tata Teleservices has received a pan-India license to operate GSM telecom services, under the brand TATA DOCOMO and has also been allotted spectrum in 18 telecom Circles. TTSL and has already rolled out its services in various circles.

Last Date Recruitment of Clerical Staff in State bank of India

Candidates are required to go to any Branch of State Bank of India and pay the amount of prescribed fees/postage charges and get receipt from the branch. The candidates are required to apply online through website or No other means/mode of application will be accepted. The last date of registering applications on-line is 15.09.2009. Application registration on website will be open from 01.08.2009 to 15.09.2009.
Guidelines For Filling Application Are As Under:

    * Candidates should have a valid e-mail id. This will help him/her in getting call letter/interview advices etc. by e-mail.
    * Candidates must ensure that on deposit of fee, the branch issues him a receipt which should invariably mention undernoted items :-

  Journal number (7-10 digits)
  Branch Name
  Branch code number (4-5 digits numerical number) and
  Date of deposit


The payment of fees should be made from 01.08.2009 to 12.09.2009. This date will be same for the candidates belonging to far-flung areas.


Eligible candidates will receive an "Acquaint Yourself Booklet" and a blank Bio-data form with the call letter for written examination. Bio-data form duly filled in has to be surrendered at the venue of written examination with a recent photograph of the candidate pasted there on. Candidates are advised to retain 5 copies of the photograph pasted on Bio-data form for use at the time of Interview.(Identical photos have to be affixed on documents)


Candidates should keep two copies of the Application printout, a copy of the printout with the recent photograph of the candidate duly pasted thereon will have to be submitted at the time of interview, other copy may be retained for personal record of the candidate. A copy of the payment receipt (indicating Deposit Journal No.) may be retained for his record. Original payment receipt will have to be submitted with the call letter at the time of written examination.


Last Date For Payment Of Exam Fee / Postage 12.09.2009
Last Date For Registration Of On-Line Applications: 15.09.2009 Including Far Flung Areas

How to know Apple i-Phone 3GS launch date in India

Dear Mr.Arun,


We thank you for your interest in the Apple i-Phone 3GS which is yet to be launched in India.


Request you to share your contacts where we could communicate with you once we have more information on the Apple i Phone3GS  in India.



Company Name:

Company Contact Nos with Extensions:

Mobile no:




To get more information on Apple products please visit


For more information on Apple products please call us on our toll free at 1-800-425-4646 or 080-2574-4646 or send us an E-mail at or SMS "SALES" to 54646 to reach us and we will be glad to assist you.


We hope you find the above information useful.


Best Regards,

Sales Support Executive
For more information on Apple product specification & pricing, please visit the online catalogue
For further sales enquiries please call us on the toll free 1800-425-4646 or 080-2574-4646, email us at or SMS "SALES" to 54646.