May 15, 2012

Honda new Bike 110cc Dream Yuga Price

Dressed in a Honda T-shirt, Bollywood acting heart-throb Akshay Kumar unveiled the 110cc Dream Yuga motorcycle on Tuesday, touting the advantages of a motorbike over a car on the clogged roads of India's cities, reports Reuters.

Ad in newspaper Oct 20 2012

Rs.44,642+ is the price ( cost ) of the bike according to The Hindu. 8.5 BHP Power and mileage 72 km / litre

Ex.Showroom Price Kochi Price starts at Rs.47,602/-

May 10, 2012

Remove black films tinted material orders Supreme Court of India

UPDATE: Review petition got rejected.
The current oder says no film at all of any transperency level
Supreme Court Link

The manufacturer of the vehicle may manufacture the vehicles   with   tinted   glasses   which   have   Visual   Light Transmission (VLT) of safety glasses windscreen (front and rear) as 70 per cent VLT and side glasses as 40 per cent VLT, respectively.     No black film or any other material can be pasted on the windscreens and side glasses of a vehicle.

UPDATE: Rs. 150 is the standard rate here at Kochi to remove the sunfilm from cars. The film removal is easy but the removal of the gum is tedious.

The Bangalore police says in their facebook page
Dear Friends,

As you are aware, Hon'ble Supreme court of India in W.P. no 265/2011 has directed removal of tincted material on the front, back and side glasses of vehicles. The visiblity of front and rear glass should be 70% and for side glasses it should be 50% as per rule 100 of Cenral Motor vehicle rules. The Hon'ble court has directed enforecement of this rule from 4th May 2012 onwards.

We had extensive discussions with Transport department officials about the modalities of implementation of this ruls. As per the directions of the Supreme court we will be enforcing this rule forthwith and will commence a campaign for removal of all tincted material from glasses of the vehicle.
All the vehicle owners are requested to remove black films/ tinted material on all safety glasses (windscreen, rear glass and side glasses) in their vehicles at the earliest.

Stupid Indian citizens are asking foolish questions instead of removing the films. I have created an FAQ.

1. Will the judge pay for the removal cost of the film? If not then who will pay for it?

2.Where do we have the facility to ensure that the tint confirms to the norms i.e., 70% and 50% visibility?
See what the court said is the manufacturer based on BIS specs will give safety glass equipped with that visibility , you should not paste any films. the judgment is clear that no films should be present on the glass irrespective of visibility

3. Let's know the cut off date so that we can get confirmed the films pass the prescribed specifications and get corrected
It is may 20. 2012

4. Great!! Thanks for making it so easy for the thief's to see which car glass to break in and take what. We used to keep our Laptops and things in the car now we have to carry everything with us Thanks a Ton. I hope you guys have your commissions in place else it would be waste.

5. how do we measure the % of visibility in the tinted glass........pls give details, before getting harassed by traffic police......
Just remove all films you pasted.

6. We will agree with the SC notice, but can all the Govt Vehicles including the politicians and police and beuracrats remove the tint on their cars first, than asking the general public to do it, as we have seen all the police vehicles used by IPS officers are tinted in the back seats, the classic example is that of the vehicles in Bangalore only.
The appropriate government is free to make any regulations that it may consider appropriate in this regard.

7. Is this rule applicable for vehicles having tinted glass fitted by car manufacturer itself in factory.

8. With regard to Lady drivers...Will Supreme Court reverse the ban if the number of atrocities committed against Lady drivers or occupants increase once the films are removed....Especially when occupants are ladies and the travel is through isolated areas...
Yes, you could file a review petition.