Sep 15, 2012

All about LPG transparency portals Indane Bharat Gas HP Gas

The “LPG transparency portal” carries details of
Consumer Number
No.of Refills availed etc
This is listed for all consumers Gas agencywise for each city and state, and this is definitely a privacy issue. :) It exposes the address of all consumers in India with LPG connection and how much cooking gas they use. Some addresses contain mobile numbers as well. I hope the name and address info will be made secret soon.

That being said, the site is useful to check your usage stats.Since only 6 cylinders can be availed at subsidised cost you should know how much cylinders you have ordered from April 1 .

It can be accessed through the Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry’s website, The portal will also be hosted on the sites of
Indian Oil Corporation,
Hindustan Petroleum Corporation and
Bharat Petroleum Corporation.

Indian Oil Corporation (,
Bharat Petroleum ( Hindustan Petroleum ( have made records available of all cylinders sold to the 130-million subscriber base since June on the portal.

The portals have been set up in tune with the recommendations of the task force on direct transfer of subsidies headed by UIDAI Chairman Nandan Nilekani.