Oct 24, 2012

How to access 3G in WiFi only iPads including iPad Mini

Buy a TPLink WiFi Router and enjoy WiFi in iPad..

Visit joiku.com . Download and Install the software in your mobile having a 3G plan. Enable Wifi Hotspot. You will get Wifi network in iPad.
apple iPad has WiFi only models.

Oct 11, 2012

IRCTC + Google Maps = http://railradar.trainenquiry.com/

RailRadar™ is a live tracker of Indian Railways passenger trains traffic in real time. This live tracker is shown on an interactive Google map and allows users to watch the movements of trains which are currently running in entire India. RailRadar™ is an outcome of innovation where Indian Railways Center for Railway Information System (CRIS) and RailYatri.in joined hands.

There will be a delay of 5 or more minutes

Oct 10, 2012

250 unlimited 3G plan from TATADOCOMO

UPDATE : I personally now think that this is a good plan. Reason
Data balance unlimited is valid for 30 days, and 250 talk time is valid for life time.
So when u reacharge for 3G SmartLife Plan 250 you are getting 1GB free 3G and 250 full talktime. The marketting team at Docomo should have highlighted this rather than give false hope for customers.
Also for all other 3G plans if we exceed the datalimit your core balance will be gone , but in this case only the speed gets reduced which is a plus.
I am removing the word "Fake" from the post title.

Announcing the launch of this new service, A P Sriram, Chief Operating Officer, Karnataka Circle, Tata DOCOMO said, “We were the first operator to launch 3G services in the country and believe that it will be a key market differentiator in times to come. Keeping that in mind we are happy to launch this affordable and innovative product that will allow our customers to experience 3G services like never before. With the launch of this plan we have completed the value chain of unlimited offers in voice and data services”.

This is the plan listed here
3G SmartLife Plan 250 Talktime : Rs. 250. Unlimited 3G data. Validity : 30 Days

Now this is a fake description of the plan. The 3G speed is only till 1 GB after which your connection sucks.
Your speed will reduces to 64 kbps when your 1 gb data finished, It gives you sign that your 1 gb data is finished.   There is no way to check your 3G data balance since this is "unlimted 3G for 30 days". As you have recharged with RC 250 it is unlimited data you got, You cannot check the data balance for unlimited data.
Also see the alerts they are sending for an unlimited plan.

Name : TA-DataAL
Number : TA-DataAL
Content : Dear Customer, You have reached 25%  Quota of your Subscribed Data Plan.

Name : TA-DataAL
Number : TA-DataAL
Content : Dear Customer, You have reached 50%  Quota of your Subscribed Data Plan.

Name : TA-DataAL
Number : TA-DataAL
Content : Dear Customer, You have reached 80%  Quota of your Subscribed Data Plan.
Time : 18/10/2012 04:46:02

Name : TA-DataAL
Number : TA-DataAL
Content : Dear Customer, You have reached 100%  Quota of your Subscribed Data Plan.
Time : 19/10/2012 10:38:50

There is one more catch Basic calling tariff will be changed to Standard call rates of 1.2 paisa/second after recharge of the plan (for new customers).

After recharge of Rs.250/- to activate data access you need to SMS ‘HVC’ to ‘52270’ or you could directly change the APN to TATA.DOCOMO.INTERTHVC instead of TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET

The talk time is life time validity and 3GB 3G for 30 days, that should have been a better way of marketing this PLAN. rather than stating unlimited 3G Plan.

Oct 7, 2012

More on Tijo Jose gets 70 lakhs offer from Google

Tijo Jose, an M.Tech computer science student at National Institute of Technology, Calicut, has bagged a placement offer of Rs70 lakh from Google Inc. He will join for work in October 2013 after completing his MTech.

Tijo is son of Jose Joseph, an agriculturist and Annet Jose, a homemaker in ‘Nedungatt house,’ Vazhakulam near Thodupuzha in Idukki. Jonitha Alphonsa Jose is his sister and Sanal Jose, brother.

This link has news on him uploaded by his friend.

M.Tech. CSE
National Institute of Technology Calicut
Class of 2013 · Calicut, India

Computer Science and Engineering · Vazhakulam
Class of 2011

Nirmala Public School Muvattupuzha
Class of 2007 · Muvattupuzha, India

His facebook page says more about him. Now that he has got celibrity status , this is worth blogging.

A photo of Tijo Jose source:http://www.facebook.com/tijonjose

About Tijo Jose

I am Tijo Jose (Tuttu) An M.Tech. (CSE - Mathematical Foundations and Algorithms) Student of National Institute of Technology, Calicut. 

 I did my B.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering from Viswajyothi College of Engineering and Technology, Vazhakulam. 

 I live with my family in Vazhakulam (The Pineapple City), Muvattupuzha, Ernakulam Dt., Kerala, India. (Presently, at NITC Hostel) 

I am color blind. The only one with this 'ability' in my class during school days. Found a partner in college, though. Even I have a brother, who shares the quality. Don't think I am doomed... That makes me special in a special way!!! 

Well, I wanted to become an astronomer. That was my best, first and foremost vision. I was and am fascinated by the deepest and darkest mysteries of the premises of the earth. Stars used to tickle me in my dreams. The way stars are born, live young and old, and die! Oh! how exciting it is just to hear that. And they live after their death as black holes or pulsars. And the nebulae of the universe. The jewel in the crown. To study extra terrestrial, to explore extra terrestrial, to capture extra terrestrial, to understand extra terrestrial. Oh! how I dream them. But now, I am on the way of becoming a computer engineer. Still, my vision is with me. I'll never let go. 

 May be you can call me a Maths wizard. B'coz the only area I found interesting in school was the study of Mathematics. And to be honest, I did it well too! Isn't it wonderful to play with numbers? Like the countless stars in the sky, the count of the countless numbers is just addictive to me. I love proving this and that in maths, which may be of really no use to anyone (sometimes, it really is useful...you see...that is how great mathematicians are born), but is of great satisfaction to my mind. There lies the greatest pleasure, when you enjoy something, like anything. The part of math I love most is everything except nothing. 

 I luuurrrvvv to do programming. But ain't no hero at it. In the upcoming stage. Can do almost medium rated programs myself in a relatively few languages I know. I enjoy reading books. Not study materials but library materials.
Born on March 3, 1990
Knows English, Malayalam, Hindi

Oct 4, 2012

PSY - GANGNAM STYLE huge hit outside India

PSY - GANGNAM STYLE huge hit outside India
UPDATE: GANGNAM STYLE huge hit inside India too. Most of the facebook updates are now related to GANGNAM style.

359,713,166 viewers watched this . It is fun to watch it with horse style dance

TataDocomo gave me free 3GB 3G for 3 months

UPDATE: This offer is no longer valid.

Congratulations on your special benefit for full 90 days! Enjoy 3GB 3G data and much more. I had recharged this one last month... You could try this as well.
Enjoy Tata DOCOMO 3G SmartLife plans loaded with 3G Data and bundled free talktime

Recharge using Special Tariff Voucher 38 to get All local mobile calls @ 1p/ 3secs. STD mobile calls @ 1.2p/ sec. Local/STD landline calls@ 1.5p/ sec. Validity : 90 Days

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