Dec 26, 2013

Windows Unzip sucks - Double Click to Unzip in Windows fails

If you have ever used a Mac OS, you could experience the difference between how a zip file gets uncompressed/unzipped.

In MacOS by default you double-click a zip file and the unzipped files gets created in the same folder - pretty easy and simple. The other advanced options come up if you right click which is not necessary 99 pct of times.

In Windows when you download a zip file and double click on it in the browser window (or in Explorer) we would like it to automatically open the unzip program, instead of letting us enter the directory. There is no option to change the default double-click action from 'open directory' to 'unzip if zipped'

In Windows you have to right click and hit 'Extract All', which brings up a dialog box asking too many questions where I want to extract to yada yada.  The easiest way is to right click and perform cumbersome tasks to get it unzipped/uncompressed. This is a big problem when you are using a laptop ( especially without a mouse ) . Millions of man hours are wasted in this process. It is sad to see that Microsoft has not imitated Apple on this task.

Here is a close solution. Visit and install it. Then select auto-uncompress files in watched folders. See images below.