May 17, 2014

Pregnant Women in Kerala get more medicines

This post is just a comparison and not to be taken as medical advice. The below comparison is made with a pregnant woman in Kerala with another pregnant woman from Kerala who is residing at UK.

Does this mean hospital management/ doctors/ medical reps/ pharma companies are fooling people in Kerala?
Or Are they giving this to boost our confidence ? To make it appear as if they are caring ?

I talked about this to some of my friends and here are some of the replies
  • These tablets are cheap and you get reimbursements, have it.
  • If you check different sources from Internet (though this data is not gathered from internet) you will get different results. I was too like this initially but blah blah blah.
  • You are mad.
  • If you think like this you can't live.
  • Another reply I got is that if fluid is less in scan then the doctor will prescribe scan every week.