Mar 2, 2006

Tech a Break 2006 Update

Tech a Break 2006 Update
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The grand finale will be the `SunTech Sonu Nigam Nite' on April 2.
There would be rock shows, quiz programmes and sports.
The light and classical competitions will be on March 27 at Travancore Hall.

"We have a great group of singers who do us proud by winning a number of prizes in music. In fact, we have a club called `The Chords' and there is music in the air on Thursday evenings when our singers and musicians get together. We have an in-house event called `Tarang' to select the participants for the solo events," says Sthanukumar R, project manager of U.S. Technology.

Many of the companies in Technopark have their own in-house competitions to select the participants for `Tech-a-break.'

Sugeetha says that one of the highlights this year will be a contest to select the funniest corporate video.

Shot by the techies themselves, the eight-minute films promise to be a laugh riot. This will be held on March 28. March 29 will see the band `Dreadlocks' unleash their hungama on the campus.

A quiz programme will be hosted by Charu Sharma on March 30 while the selection of Leela Infotech-sponsored Mr. and Ms. Techopark will be conducted from 7 p.m. on March 31.

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