Dec 5, 2007

Lecturers arrested for Defaming Sindhu Joy at Orkut

Two lecturers attached to the Centre for Management Development at Thycaud was arrested on the charge of defaming Sindhu Joy (the State secretary of the SFI) on Orkut, a social networking website.

Are these multiple original profiles of Sindhu Joy real or fake? The album contains more than 100 photos..

Prasobh Kumar, 32, a lecturer attached to the Centre for Management Development at Thycaud and Asok Kumar, 29, an employee at the same centre.

A screenshot of original Profile of Sindhu Joy can be accessed here


G,Binu said...

Thank your for your news. Please visit this link also.



Spice Boy said...

Im confused. The original profile link is also leading to one of the so called fake profiles. Which is the original profile ?

And what exactly is the crime ?

If creating "I hate XXX" communities is a crime, then there are thousands of them. And hating someone is not a crime.

arun said...

@Spice , All the 3 profiles belong to sindhu joy. and all the photos were put by her.
These guys misused them...

Spice Boy said...

How did they misuse it ?? Morphed it with some porn picture ???

arun said...

No idea about porn picture.

Gokul Nath said...

I totally agree with spice boy.. Freedom of expression is violated in this specific case. when u say those persons are guilty make sure that they have really committed a crime or not