Mar 11, 2008

Virgin Mobile in Kerala at Cochin-Trivandrum

British billionaire Richard Branson's Virgin Mobile (joint venture with Tata Teleservices (Maharashtra) India Ltd will soon change the way Indians are using mobile phones.

But unfortunately, for now, a Virgin Mobile connection is only available with a Virgin Mobile handset. and I don't think thats a problem if everything else works as advertised...since the cost of handset is in the range of Rs.2000-6000.

Check this mail from virgin mobile..

Hi Arun,

Thank you for your email. We appreciate your interest and also the time and effort you have taken to write to us .We are happy to inform you that Virgin Mobile is now available for sale in Cochin and Trivandrum in Kerala. Please navigate to the link given, choose the city of your convenience and find complete details of the location of retail outlets that sell Virgin mobile phones.

The story does not end there Arun. We have some very exciting tariff plans that will completely bowl you over. Virgin mobile will pay you 10 paise for every minute of incoming call from any network while your in your home location .There is no limit to which you can receive incoming calls. You can use this balance for any kind of usage i.e voice calls, SMS, data or VAS. All local calls, not just mobile but landline too @
just 50 paise tariff, forever! No Extra Charge, No Packs! We call it 'The rate at which you will do Bak Bak @ just half a buck!' Apart from the mind blowing economical tariff plan, we also are offering special packs which will lower your call rates & SMS rates. They have a validity of 30 days & independent of talk time validity. Please check the link for complete and specific tariff details pertaining to your location.

We promise you all the excitement, distinction and eminence that have been USP'S of the Virgin brand products and services the world over. All this and more Arun only @ Virgin Mobile! So, what are you waiting for ? Go grab your Virgin mobile connection now! At Virgin Mobile, unmatched customer service is our second nature, and we have no hesitation in guaranteeing you the same. If you feel you have any niggling little doubts about anything, do call toll-free on 1-800-209-444 or write in at care* .You'll get a reply and a solution pronto. To be precise, we'll reply to your e-mail within 24 hours. That's us, on a roll. Kind regards, S...... Team at Virgin Mobile

UPDATED:Price of handset in second paragraph from 60000 to 6000:)


Virgin Mobile India said...

hi Arun,

Virgin Mobile is officially on
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I guess you have enough content to blog it..!

Virgin Mobile India said...

wait wait... we on Flickr too..