Aug 28, 2008

Onam Greetings-Special Trains-Holidays-SMS-Sadya-Movies-TV

After events Beijing Olympics 2008 at China ,"Ashtami Rohini", "Srikrishna Jayanti", iPhone 3G India Release and Sister Abhaya case, the mega event Onam-2008 is here finally!. Jammu-kashmir hostage crisis, Orissa communal clash, WestBengal Singur issue and Bihar floods are behind.

Kerala Government Onam Holidays on September 2008
Thursday:September 11 2008: First Onam Public Holiday @Kerala, Bank Holiday
Friday:September 12 2008: Onam office holiday, Bank Holiday
Saturday:September 13 2008: Third Onam Public Holiday Kerala
Sunday:Septembr 14 2008: 4th Onam , SN Guru samadhi Public Holiday Kerala

Please stay away from banks/government offices in Kerala from 10th to 14th of September. Government officials are now waiting for festival advance. 10 days of holiday for schools and colleges.

Wherever you go there is a Malayali (Mallu ) and wherever he lives there is Onam,onam celebrations. Onam is harvest festival, memories of peace and prosperity in the past, return of great asura king Mahabali aka Maveli. It is the time when Kerala is "calling you" to visit Kerala-The Gods Own country. Onam celebrated outside Kerala is exciting too.

Onam 2008 Hacks-How to prepare for upcoming Onam at September 2008.
August 24-Book Railways tickets for Onam holidays.-ONAM 2008 SPECIAL TRAINS of Southern Railways Advanced Booking starts .
August 29- Day for applying leaves needed if any.
August 30-31 - Get Pokkalam Designs

Designs from Pookalam Competition at Technopark held on Onam 2006.

September - Pokkalam Contests.
September 2 - Atham is 10 days before Thiruonam.Pookkalam (floral decoration using flowers) also known as Pookalam/Athapookkalam starts.
September 9-Onam Celebration at Company.
September 11- First Onam (Onnam Onam)
September 12- Thiru Onam. Thiruonam is the most important day of festival.
September 13- Third Onam (Moonam Onam)
Happy-Onam-Pookkalam 2008
Pookkalam, Onasadya, Payasam , Onakkodi and Onam holidays, Oonjalattom, Thumbithullal, Thiruvathirakali, Kaikottikali,Karadikali, Pulikali
Onam Celebration as Tourism Week in Kerala.
Poovili is extinct now.

Onam-SMS, Onam E-greetings, comedy shows, tv-shows, parody songs, Onam special movies, onam offers/exchange schemes/discounts and other irrestible offers. One of the interesting offers is from, You can send Personalised Onam Postal Greeting Cards to your near & dear ones for Rs. 20 !

Onam at Theatres
No movies of Mammootty or Mohanlal first time in history!.
Mohanlal's Kurukshetra and Mammootty's Maya Bazaar won't be in for Onam. Amma movie Twenty-Twenty.Low budget movie Gulmohar. Thalappavu and Thirakkatha, both featuring Prithviraj...

Onam @ FM Radio Stations.
This is first Onam after private FM Radios are launched.

Onam in Gulf
Abu Dabi/Bahrain/Newyork/London/Germany/Malaysian Malayalee Network.

Onam Weather Report
to be updated!!!. Bookmark this page.

Wish you a Happy Onam.


BLOgun said...

Fresh Onam Pics
are updated

sajithkumar said...

Happy Onam to all visitors of this blog. Good blog. Keep it up arun


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hammy said...

Happy Onam. 2009 Onam, I mean...

Right now, I'm stuck in my office, wondering how, if at all, I can sneak out to some restaurant serving onasadhya. Not easy. I'm the only Keralite in office, and as far as I know, there are no good mallu restaurants within 3-4 kms of office. How I long for some paayasam right about now.