Jan 3, 2009

Mammootty-s blog address http://i-am-mammootty.blogspot.com/

Mammootty blog address

Mammotty started a malayalam blog at http://i-am-mammootty.blogspot.com/ on 1st January 2009.
Fan's from India , UAE, US has made the hit count to 10000 so far. He talks about serious issues like economics, recession, unemployment, new year, media, IT, globalization. In his post Mammootty says "Malayalees look for priveleges rather than committment to work." He gives the message that if we make hard work as a habit we can beat any recession.


Anonymous said...

When will Mohanlal start blogging ?

K A Solaman said...

For Mammootty with love
It is interesting to see that Malayalam cine actor Mammootty has launched his blog with much fanfare.. The blog is titled as 'Mammootty with love'. Even if it is titled as “Mammootty with hate”, it will not make much impact as it is one of the innumerable blogs available for Internet users.

It has been reported that Mammootty will be discussing his views on all the socio-political activities in which he is interested, through this blog. This is seemingly new from Mammootty because he often absconds when news relating him is in air. For instance, when the suspended IPS officer Suresh Kumar told media about Mammootty’s illegal possession of forest land at Munnar, he conspicuously remained tight-lipped. The Kairali Channel where he is the Chairman, when telecasted contemptuous interview telling off Achuthanandan he kept mum. As Mammootty’s choice is for the official faction of the CPM in the state his opinion through blog will not be unbiased.

K A Solaman

K A Solaman said...

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K A Solaman said...

Mammootty is our new saviour!

Marxists were, until recently, of opinion that the TN model cinema politics will not run here in Kerala as most people are literate. Now the Marxist identified that all the people abandoned their sensibility in consequence of their rule and of their predecessors. And that is why they started thinking of fielding megastar (or gigastar?) Mammootty as an independent candidate of the Left in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
The CPI(M) wants Mammootty to contest in Ernakulam constituency but they are ready to leave the choice of the seat to the star. The implication is the incumbent Latin Catholic MP Sebastian Paul will be a whole time contributor to Madyma Vijaram and channel interviews. To earn one’s livelihood a person need not be always an MP. Then, what will be the fate of the other Latin Catholic blue-eyed boy MP from Alappuzha? Reservation for Latin Catholics is only in rule books and not for practice!

The cinema viewers of Kerala have dejected seeing Mammootty running as lover after cute girls of such a tender age of his grand daughter. So it is good for him and his congregation to see him as an MP working for the uplift of entire people.
Nevertheless, before jumping into election fray Mammootty should contemplate on the prospects CPM in the next election as undercurrents not so enthusiastic for the ruling front.
Let Mammootty, the new Messiah, save the people and the party.

K A Solaman

K A Solaman said...

Mammootty’s delight should not turn out as Mohanlal’s discontent

Posted by K A Solaman, (2009-03-28 11:29:08)


The new cinema “Patanathil Bhootham” has brought new laurels in the form of doctorate to cine star Mammootty. The University of Kerala has decided to confer honorary doctorate on him along with film maker Adoor Gopalakrishnan, veteran mrudangam expondent Umayalpuram Sivaraman. The three, of course, are eligible for such an award as they are the toppers in their respective field. However, when it comes to Mammootty one cannot rule out the political intention behind it. Since the University of Kerala is now run by a Left dominated Syndicate and Mammooty obviously keeps a Left proclivity with his association with CPM owned Kairali TV Channel, it is rather fishy in granting this honour. Is Mohanlal not eligible for Ph D from Kerala University? Mammootty’s delight should not turn out as Mohanlal’s discontent.

Mahatma Gandhi University in January 2006 had conferred the Doctor of Letters on Adoor Gopalakrishnan. The Cochin University of Science and Technology did a parallel act by awarding D Lit to Infosys Chairman Narayana Murthy and scientist Madhavan Nair. The special convocation ceremonies set at respective University centres seemed multihued as the conferrers and takers of the honours came out in gold-gladded shining red garments. Though the accomplishments of the recipients are recognized internationally the Universities, which are very sluggish in act and non-student friendly, have no reasonable credit to organize such functions. In MGU the entire examination system is often jeopardized and the students have to move pillar to post for their genuine requirements attended. When a student phoned to the office of the University at Kottayam once for his missing hall ticket, the prompt reply from the NAAC accredited University was not so pleasant for him. “The messenger in charge of hall tickets expired yesterday” is a mnemonic to him for his future relationship with the University.

The Kerala University too is unresponsive in their act to student community. For instance the Union ministry of education has various schemes offering scholarships to needy students through Kerala University. But if they are not dispensed on time by the University, what is the use of these scholarships? The postgraduate scholarship for rank-holders of all Indian universities for the academic session 2007-09 has been sanctioned by the University Grants Commission. The fund has been issued to the universities, and the awardees have been asked to contact the registrars of their respective institutions. However, the registrar of the University of Kerala seems reluctant to confirm when and how the students will receive the funds. The students are about to complete their course by March. The scholarships are meant for the daily expense of the students such as hostel fees and if it is not released in time what is very purpose of it. The Registrar can easily find out who the awardees are by looking up the results of the concerned departments for the particular academic session. It is unfortunate that the toppers of a university recognized by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council are being mistreated by the institution that should have been proud of them.

The Universities in Kerala award innumerous degrees every year but no recipient is seen honoured in convocations arranged by the University. Then why is this fancy dress spending a huge sum to honour those people who are already internationally acclaimed with one or more D Lits? It is now Adoor’s turn to not attend such a travesty function by spoiling people’s money The Universities in Kerala should stop such farce in future. It is not only pro-left Mammootty, there are actors like Mohanlal, Thilakan, Nedumudi Venu, Sheels, Sarada, Kaviyur Ponnamma and others qualified for doctorate in acting.

K A Solaman

James Williams said...

‘Mulakkacha’ gives good scope for the film Pazhassi Raja

The film Pazhassi Raja has become a big hit in Malayalam cinema. The producer Gookulam Gopalan has made a huge profit out of it, not only in business but in fame also. He is now in a stage to counter his opponent Vellappally Natesan of the SNDP. Vellappay is left with no choice other than to make a similar film to offset Gokulam. The makers of the film claim that their film would help people to revive the memories of unsung heroes like Pazhassi but one could not concur. The film was only an attempt to make money.

Though the film has several technical advantages it is not compatible with Hollywood films. The action sequences were poorly shot and Mammootty’s physique is not susceptible to tedious efforts. It is unwise to compare this film with worldwide applauded Chinese martial art films like Crouching Tiger. And when it comes to the histrionic skills, Mammootty stands far behind Sarath Kumar and even Manoj K Jayan in this film. The half naked adivasi women seen in plenty in the film is a crooked craft to attract more youths to the film. Even Padmapriya has been obliged to exhibit her thigh and when it happens in this film there is a huge disturbance among younger viewers. Padmapriya and Kaniha appearing half naked with ‘mulakkacha’ gave good scope for younger viewers to see the film over and over again.


Anonymous said...

Good brief and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.

K A Solaman said...

Christian Brothers

Yet to be released cinema “Christian Brothers" has become a big hit by the allegation levelled by the thespian Thilakan against the makers of the film in general and the Superstars of the Malayalam film industry in particular. Thilakan is seen furious with the two film organizations and a superstar for denying him an opportunity to act in the film. His allegation that the film industry is under the control of a few, seems significant when the super stars conspicuously abscond from comments. ‘Let the dogs bark, foxes yowl, we belong to other planet’ is the attitude of super stars.

Whatever is the fight between Thilakan and his adversaries we film viewers are mainly interested in the excellence of the film. There should be no compromise in the film regarding quality and what we actually need is to see is; sixty plus superstars still cornering around cute teen girls through out the film singing and dancing. This repulsive feature is now an addiction for us and hence this request is placed before the producer of the film.

And regarding the name’ Christian Brothers’ I remember my experience about a liquor brand manufactured by a leading manufacturer in the country. They named their product as ‘Christain Brothers’ and when it was launched in the market there was an uproar from a few faithful and clergies against the misuse of the term ‘Christain”. I too shared my apprehension with my friend in the Federal bank, who is a manager now and he then enlightened me with a practical know-how. He said: “I tasted the stuff and was seen well. The clergies would soon recognize this and their agitation would subside afterward”. And that had come true later. If the film “Christian Brothers” is good, the quarrel between Thilakan and Mammootty would make no impact in Malayalam film industry.

The “Amma” should never consider to cut the Rs 2500 pension to Thilakan whatever be his approach in the present cinema row.

K A Solaman view K A Solaman blog

K A Solaman said...

Azhikode’s fiddly game

Every one has his own search for repute and this often ends up in notoriety in many cases. Kerala cultural super hero Sukumar Azhikode entering unnecessarily in the Amma-Thilakan dispute, mudslinging actors like Mohanlal, Innocent and Ganesh Kumar and frostily withdrawing on hearing the ‘enlightening,’ words of Mammootty, are only the parts of this fiddly game. The loser is not Mohanlal or Innocent, but Azhikode himself.

Someone speaks, writes and do good acts to set up his uniqueness. However, the repeated use of the word ‘ignorant, idiot’ in telling off his opponent is cynical. Azhikode used these words to establish his infamy. A thorough introspection is needed for Azhikode to regain his lost acclaim.

K A Solaman

K A Solaman said...

AMMA’ is in the verge of collapse.

It is not because thespian Thilakan hurls all abuses on it or partisan social critic Sukumar Azhikode passes judgment on it, it is all because the internal split in it takes ‘AMMA’ to the verge of collapse. The war of words in the Malayalam film industry over the decision of the Film Chamber of Commerce to ban actors and playback singers from appearing in television programmes is the latest indication in this direction. Of late, actor Jagadeesh attacking actorSuresh Gopi indicates that all is not well within the association and it would divide vertically into two in the immediate future. Wise are women artists in Malayalam film industry for they are not involving in the present tussle in the industry.
Interestingly, while lesser actors quarrel on silly stuff, superstars stay away acting and making money.

In this context what I want to point out to the actors and whistle bowlers of the film industry is that we, viewers are not bothered with your quarrels. Film industry is not a crucial factor in the breathing of common man in Kerala. If you make good film we see and if you make bad film we will throw into thrash. We people could live without seeing nasty scenes 60 plus super star cornering a teen cute girl. Why should we create in our mind a bad taste of enjoying old man’s love making with a young girl?

How much money is wasted in Kerala for masking wicked films! The government should withdraw all the subsidies and assistance to Malayalm film industry. . All awards including State awards, which are often bones of contention, should be withdrawn. The channel debates and media coverage have false notion that this 250 member organization ‘AMMA’ is deciding the fate all Malayalis. This is absolutely a wrong concept and they have no influence average Keralite.

K A Solaman

K A Solaman said...
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K A Solaman said...

മമ്മൂട്ടി മകന്റെ വിവാഹത്തിന് ആന്‍റണിയെ ക്ഷണിച്ചു
മകന്റെ നിക്കാഹ് പ്രമാണിച്ച് 'കൈരളിയും പാര്‍ട്ടിയും' കുറച്ചു നാളത്തേക്ക് പരണത്തു കേറ്റി . പ്രധാന്‍മന്ത്രിജിയെ ക്ഷണിച്ചില്ലേ ? നിക്കാഹിന്റന്നു പൊതുഅവധി പ്രഖ്യാപിക്കുമോ ? ആന്റണിക്കിപ്പോഴും കൈലി മുണ്ടും കച്ചത്തോര്‍ത്തും തന്നെ !
-കെ എ സോളമന്‍