Apr 9, 2009

Free Balance Check Withdrawals via Other Bank ATMs ?

UPDATE: from axis bank
Dear Sir,
Thanks for the mail. With effect from 01.04.09, transactions at all ATMs are free for
customers of all Banks in India.
VP & Branchhead

This was not emailed but was updated in bank's website.
Revision of charges - ATM Withdrawals in India.
Please be advised that effective 1 April 2009, no transaction charges would be levied for cash withdrawals made on HSBC Debit Cards at other bank VISA ATMs in India. Kindly note that current charges on International
ATM transactions will continue to exist.
Balance Enquiry at HSBC branches and ATMs in India Free

Is this an April Fools joke ? No. This is the new rule from this financial year for most of the banks in India and they have implemented this secretly.

There might be some issues when you withdraw money from an other bank's ATM...

This is good for banks with less ATMs but loss for banks with more ATMs.?
This is only for VISA ATMs ?
Any bank in India not taking part in this inter-bank treaty mediated by RBI ?

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