Apr 16, 2009

India Phone numbers to Block Credit Cards HSBC HDFC SBI ICICI

The upwardly mobile individuals of India today have more than 3 credit cards in his wallet these days. The lifetime free credit card scheme by Indian companies helped us to afford more than one credit cards. The trend these days is to use different credit cards for different services. One in Petrol Pump to get service charge reduction, shopping to get money back and another card to get discount while travelling etc.

This post will focus on how to block a credit card if you lose it.
Barclays Lost Credit Card .

HSBC Customer Care Numbers
98954 72424 in Trivandrum

AxisBank 2558588
* For lost Credit Card, call 022-25261201 or 18604258888
* For lost Debit Card, call 022-67987700

To be Continued...

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