Jul 6, 2009

Mammootty's Blood Bank website http://bloodbank.mammootty.com/

Mammootty is now a twitter user. Please follow him at http://twitter.com/mammukka


Earlier this year he started blogging at http://blog.mammootty.com/

Access his blood bank link at http://bloodbank.mammootty.com/



" Blood is the common bond between human being. It is beyond caste, creed, religion or nationality. Blood cannot be harvested it can only be donated, this means only you can save a life that needs blood. Here we are trying to build an online blood bank directory and trying to create awareness among the masses for the blood donation. I request you to be a part of this venture by registering as a donor " - Mammootty


Please register there...

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ആരുഷിയുടെ ലോകം said...

Mammutty is a blogger who posts once in a year. He wrote a lot about our duty to vote etc etc and wehn eelction came he went to polling booth without taking eelctoral ID and created controversy there. I dont think he is going to contine further. This may be written because of his gulty consciousness about ignoring Lohi.