Nov 30, 2009

All Mobile Calls Banned? Check IMEI tracking/verification SMS 53232

All Mobile Calls Banned? Check IMEI tracking/verification SMSIMEI NO. , the 15 digit number that you get in your mobile when u press *#06#    to  53232
Why is IMEI number tracking/check compulsory now?
The reasons stated are as follows.
GII program is being implanted in compliance with the Govt. (DOT) circular barring the handsets carrying Invalid IMEI numbers.
Security agencies advised DOT of multiple Invalid IMEI on handsets while intercepting terrorist calls.
GII program being run to help protect the interest of consumers who unwittingly bought these handsets.
Operators joined hands to facilitate the conversion of the Invalid IMEI numbers to genuine.
The real reason is
Criminals or Terrorists can change the IMEI and use it. This new barring of calls is mainly a technique to stop sales of cheap but good china phones eating into profit of Nokia, Motorola, Samsung etc.
Proof here ->
Read the line "Criminals can change IMEI by re-programming"

There are other cases where mobile numbers need to be tracked for that SIM identification number which is sent with the calls are enough.

What is imei number?
A 15 digit serial no. for phones.

How to locate imei serial number ?
If you want to know your Mobile phone IMEI number dial *#06# It is a fifteen digit no. To find from imei number from handet , Remove battery, in the compliance plate see IMEI number. It is also usually printed on the compliance plate under the battery.

How can I enable imei tracking on my mobile phone?
IMEI tracking is enabled by default. Whenever you are making call, it will be transmitted.

How to change your IMEI number ?
Flash your mobile phone using softwares like Spiderman SpiderMan software V2.188 SpiderMan. Or to get a licensed on pay 180 Rupees in service center mentioned by MSAI. Use google.

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