Dec 4, 2009

Uninor Mobile Kerala Prepaid Tariff- Call Setup Charge???

Update August 04,2010 : Uninor on Tuesday launched data services on GPRS for its pre-paid subscribers across Kolkata and West Bengal, including Sikkim, according to a company release. With this, GPRS service is now available to all prepaid customers in each of Uninor's 13 operational circles, the release added. 

Uninor GSM service launched officially in Kerala. The tariif details for Kerala are as follows. Anyone know that the Call Setup Charge of 39p is?
Update : Call setup-charge for Uninor will be applicable for the first minute of a call. Now get Rs. 175 recharge on first Uninor recharge Rs. 150 , Rs. 115 on Rs.100 recharge and Rs.55 on Rs. 50 recharge.

Connection/Sim Kit Rs.49 with lifetime validity. 24 Jan 2028. Unlike Tata Docomo whch has 1 second pulse Uninor has 60 second pulse. A comparison with rivals Tata Docomo, Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL will be published soon.

Uninor Prepaid Plan Details in Kerala

Uninor TalkLonger at 29 paise/minute Plan(lifetime validity=2028)

Call Set up Charge 39 p
Uninor Local Calls 29p per minute
Uninor STD 49p per minute
Uninor SMS Local Charge 10p per SMS
Uninor SMS National 1.49 Rs per SMS
100 free Uninor to Uninor SMS per day. First local SMS will be charged 99 paise.

Uninor CallMore Plan(lifetime validity=2028)

Dial *222*8*1# to activate this plan from your uninor mobile
Rental 60Rs. per month
Local Call 29p per min
STD 49p per min
ISD please click here to see rates
SMS (Uninor to Uninor) 100 free Uninor to Uninor SMS per day.
Subsequent sms to be charged at 10 p / SMS
SMS Local* 10 p per SMS
SMS National 1.49 Rs per SMS
*Promo offer - first local SMS of the day would be charged at 0.99 p

Awating more Uninor Updates.
Uninor Do not Distrub number DND

Uninor Customer Care No. Toll Free 
121 from Uninor Mobile. From Uninor Kerala 9061090610

Uninor Customer Service Kerala is located at
Unitech Wireless (South) Pvt. Ltd.
2nd & 3rd Floor Chicago Plaza
Rajaji Road Ernakulum Kochi – 682035

You might have seen Uninor TV Ads which says "Ini Ente Number"
Uninor Store Locator Uninor Network Coverage in Kerala

Uninor twitter ID is or visit


bestashok said...

Could u please tell "what is the call setup charge?"

Anonymous said...

Have you been able to get details as to what does "call setup charge" means and indicates? I am curious to know. Is it another hidden charge? Curiously, i didnot find any such charge being levied by any other mobile telephone operator. I am always vary of these types of hidden charges. They actually cost much more than what is shown in bold letters, in this case 29Paise/min.

Further what about the comparison table update promised in your blog? I am waiting for that as well

raaghav said...

despite uninor is charging a call setup fee of 39 paise, STILL UNINOR IS CHEAPER.

Average call made by a user is around 1.5 - 2 minutes. Where Uninor will charge 97P (39P + 29P + 29P) for a 2 minute (120 second) talk others will charge Rs1.20.

The more you talk the cheaper it gets on Uninor.

I have recently purchased Uninor and I can feel the difference, its much cheaper.


Anonymous said...

cal setup charge is the additional amount levied for the first minute of the cal, ie., for a cal of two pulses-
1st- 39p+29p =78p
2nd- 29p
subsequent calls after the first cal is charged only basic charge.

Anonymous said...

O. K. Now I understand what is call setup charge. But I still have one doubt. Is it charged for the first call of the day only? Or is it charged for first minute of every call?

To explain, if one makes two different calls at two different point of time in a day, say one in morning and one in evening both of the duration of say, about 2 minutes, what will the charge for the second call made during evening?

Is it 29 Paise + 29 Paise
Is it 39 Paise + 29 Paise + 29 Paise?

GD said...

all said and done, well the fact is tariff war has started in india and thanks to new players like uninor , mts, tata docomo for doing this.

the tariff plans are ensuring that we end user gets the best.

uninor being latest is being aggressive in its marketing strategy and it is also said that their plans are coming out to be cheapest. Cheaper than one second pulse also.

The fact is that an average call we make is around 100 seconds and uninor comes out to be 97 paisa max where as others are minimum 100 paise i.e rs 1.

so the more we talk cheaper it gets on uninor

also the card is for 49 rs with talktime of rs5 so the effective rate becomes 44

and finally not to forget the cool offers they have on recharge, the user gets 100% if the transaction is done via ATM/ Kiosk / Internet Banking.

Good for all users ... cool

Anonymous said...

if you use uninor 10 minutes,u will be charged only Rs 3.29.who else charging Rs 3.29 for 10 minutes.vadafone,airtel same network Rs6 and other network Rs7.2.So wich is cheap.
And also Rs 2 rent all call 29 paise,no need to pay Rs60 per month.When you want activate and deactive evening.

Anonymous said...

Go for MTS. Takeup a sim and add a few Msavers. Rs. 499/- Msaver will give you daily 2 1/2 hours free MTS to MTS local calls upto the year 2028 plus all local calls be it landline or mobile to whichever network at 30 paise per minute upto the year 2028. No hidden charges no call setup charges. For your information local call means all calls within one's state.

If you donot want to spend Rs. 499/-, simply use Rs. 96/- Msaver and avail local call at the rate of 30 paise per minute upto the year 2028.

If you want more, use another Msaver of Rs. 149/- and you can make all calls to whichever network and to whichever phone, be it landline or mobile, outside state at the rate of 49 paise per minute. This offer is also lasting upto the year 2028.

Ofcourse, all these offers are available in Kerala State. I donot know about other states.

Now tell me, who else is giving offers better than this?

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,,
could some one tell me how the network of both Uninor and MTS in Kerala? Idea and Airtel rule here with strong and wide network.. how good are these new comers with regard to strength of signal??