Dec 30, 2009

Violence Bandh in bangalore Vishnuvardhan Death

Even the Pan shops in are forced to shut People in Bangalore are sad due to loss of Vishnuvardhan .

Who is Vishnuvardhan ?
Vishnuvardhan September 18, 1950 – December 30, 2009 is a Kannada actor

Few people requested to close shops at Banashankari Stage 3, Bangalore (Karnataka) . All shops including Bigbazzar closed. Rumors and panic fueled by inaccurate media reports around #Vishnuvardhan funeral in #Bangalore. Offices remain open, #traffic normal

Funeral procession of Vishnuvardhan may start after 3 pm

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Anonymous said...

wo is vishnuvardhan

idiotic fellow

Anonymous said...

i meant who is vishnuvardhan

he is a idiot .. wish he was never born ..

Anonymous said...

You are the biggest idiot leaving on earth..... first respect people

Anonymous said...

its good to respect legends like Vishnuvardhan but its completely absurd to protest when a person has died of natural cause... I mean are the kannadigas completely insane that they are rioting over a legend's death who apparently died of natural cause.... I dont know with whom are they protesting...