Jan 7, 2009

Analyst Recommendation:BUY SATYAM COMPUTER Shares !!!

ramalingaraju For Satyam Computer Services Ltd
Analyst Recommendations For Satyam Computer Services Ltd
As of 7 Jan 2009 14 Analysts had buy as stock rating for Satyam while 11 have outperform ratings, 6 Hold ratings and 0 Sell ratings...

Intraday chart of satyam comp, after news of satyam fraud was revealed by Satyam CEO R Raju

Jan 4, 2009

Compare Price of Apple Dell Lenovo Sony Vaio laptops in India

There was a poll in reuters asking its readers for the best laptop and the result is Apple laptops and it beat Dell by a wide margin...

Poll Results of Who makes the best laptop?
  • Sony (58 votes, 10%)
  • Apple (194 votes, 35%)
  • Toshiba (48 votes, 9%)
  • Lenovo (61 votes, 11%)
  • HP (81 votes, 14%)
  • Dell (81 votes, 14%)
  • Gateway (10 votes, 2%)
  • Other (27 votes, 5%)

Sony Price India
Cheapest Model of Sony is Vaio vgn-nr37g
MRP Rs. 39,990, 1.86 GHz 533Mhz FSB 1 GB RAM 200 GB HDD DVD±RW/±R, Webcam, Wireless LAN, NO BLUETOOTH

Lenovo Price laptop India
Lenovo India Laptop R-Series
Rs. Rs.43,500.00, 1.83GHz 667MHz FSB, 512 MB RAM, 120 GB HDD, DVD, Bluetooth, Wifi, NO webCAMERA. Cam model of Lenovo starting at Rs.47000

Apple Price Laptop India
Cheapest Model of Apple Laptop in India is 13inch Macbook White
Rs.56,580, 2.1GHz 1066Mhz FSB 1GB RAM 120GB HDD DVD±RW/±R, Webcam, Wireless LAN, bluetooth

Dell Price Laptop india
Model of Dell (with webcam and wifi as above)
Dell Inspiron 1525
Rs.37000, ??GhZ 1 GB RAM 160 GB HDD DVD±RW/±R, Webcam, Wireless LAN, bluetooth

In the case of Apple laptop even the low end model has everything needed. In the case of DELL only mid-range models have all features. People buying Apple laptop gets all features while people buying DELL entry laptops gets peanuts.

Jan 3, 2009

Mammootty-s blog address http://i-am-mammootty.blogspot.com/

Mammootty blog address

Mammotty started a malayalam blog at http://i-am-mammootty.blogspot.com/ on 1st January 2009.
Fan's from India , UAE, US has made the hit count to 10000 so far. He talks about serious issues like economics, recession, unemployment, new year, media, IT, globalization. In his post Mammootty says "Malayalees look for priveleges rather than committment to work." He gives the message that if we make hard work as a habit we can beat any recession.