Jan 5, 2010

Online Fraud website lakshyanindia.closed!!

Lakshya Level Marketing Pvt. Ltd said

"We are online as well as offline interactive marketing specialists,focused on results,driven by metrics.We offer complete online marketing and Sales Incentive plans for our Lakshya Sales Distributors and marketing solution to our clients as well as our Partners,which includes anything that can give a positive ROI(Return on Investment)."

All these days atleast there was an information provided in lakshyaindia.in that due to freezing of bank accounts payouts were not happening. But now there is no website!

www.consumercomplaints.in has complaints against this fraud.

Lakshya India india is not paying their last month payouts
Lakshya India - Lakshyaindia - A controversial business and it's intrecacies
There is company called lakshya india, they have collected 5000.00 each from many peoples and now i heard cpompny is closed ...
I have invested Rs.5000/- in lakshya india on May 2009 and i didnt get any payouts inthis company. Any possible to get back my money . ...
I have invested Rs.20000/- in lakshya india and i was told that i will get the refund on monthly basis on my invested value. first three ...

The site had 4200000+ visitors. Were you cheated by lakshyaindia.in ?

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maaproperties said...

Its recession and its time to countdown to Indian Real Estate Meltdown