Jan 10, 2010

TataDocomo offers Last Call Details for Ur Prepaid Mobile

TataDocomo offers Last 10 Call Details of your prepaid mobile connection. You can see Destination Number, Date of call, Time of call, Call Charge,(Rs.), Call duration (Sec.) done from your Tata Docomo Prepaid Mobile.

I think this is first time in India this feature is offered by a mobile company. Now there are two advantages of having this information online. Inorder to access this, you have to login here http://www.tatatele.in/myaccountgsm/

Advantage #1. Transparency. You can see how money is spend daily. I liked the openness and accountability of Tata Docomo.

Advantage #2. Reference. You might make calls to numbers you may not store in your mobile because they might just be an acquaintance and not your friend or family. In this case, the screnshot uploaded to evernote.com with names added will help you to fetch them back.

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Anonymous said...

Is it also contains incoming call details, please let me know.

sultana said...

i want to know incomming call toooo please help

Veeresh Kurahatti said...

hi this is veeresh im very happy with tata docomo plans and service ,
and i want know about my call list how to get the bill iam using prepaid sim. how to get the bill ple tell us.
im looking for your reply.