Jan 27, 2010

Trending Topics in Twitter for your location India not included

Twitter.com shows the trends (trending keywords) aka traffic generating stuffs for the following countries and cities. India is not included in this. Twitter says"
Don't see your location? We're working on it"


* Worldwide
* Brazil
* Canada
* Ireland
* Mexico
* United Kingdom
* United States


* Atlanta
* Baltimore
* Boston
* Chicago
* Dallas-Ft. Worth
* Houston
* London
* Los Angeles
* New York City
* Philadelphia
* San Antonio
* San Francisco
* Seattle
* São Paulo
* Washington, D.C.

Don't see your location? We're working on it

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Gilly Newman said...

I have recently been introduced to Twitter by one of my grandchildren and I must say I am truly enjoying it. Gives me freedom to stay in touch with all my extended family.