Feb 3, 2010

Maruti Cervo Car to be less than 2 lakh Rupees

Maruti is launching the car Cervo to repeat the success of Maruti 800 and Maruti Alto.
  • Cervo which is a five-door hatchback model has a spacious passenger cabin.
  • The Cervo comes equipped with a 0.7L, 660cc petrol engine.
  • Cervo can produce maximum power of 60bhp.
  • The very high fuel efficiency(mileage) is one of the USPs of this car.
When will the car be available for purchase. ?
The answer to this Q is difficult as no one knows for sure. Some websites report it is May or June 2010. I think it will start the book by that time to roll them out by this year end.


Anonymous said...

Title is wrong

arun said...

Thank you. Corrected.

G Tamilselvan said...

It was come in news earlier that the price of car will be 150000/- and it will kill the market of Nano and HundaiECO, even ECO earlier said that it will be below 2 lack car but once launched the price was high,