Feb 12, 2010

My Name is Khan Review Threats Theaters Show Bookings

My Name is Khan - Valentine's Day targetted release is here! - Official Movie Website,Official website of Movie is

Spread humanity with a vengeance, GO WATCH MY NAME IS KHAN. ..and for the record, my name is HRITHIK ROSHAN. about 1 hour ago from web
says http://twitter.com/iHrithik

we have bad ppl in india,pakistan and everywhere else. nobody including me stands by anyone who is bad or resorts to inhuman acts.
Shah Rukh on twitter http://twitter.com/iamsrk

Review by Hindustan Times - 3 star
Review by Rediff.com - 3 star


kandarp said...

To all the idiots who support Hindu Taliban like VHP and Bajrang Dal. Remember —->> Shahrukh hasn’t spoken against India. He just said that He’d have liked if Pakistani players have played IPL. Whats wrong in that ?

If Shahrukh is wrong than go protest against Amitabh who has just done a stage show with Pakistani actors. Also go and protest against P.Chidambaram who has said the same thing what Shahrukh said. Also protest against Salman and Aamir. But Shiv-Sena won’t protest against them. Why ? Because it would not give them the needed footage. The only person who can give them footage is SRK because his movie is releasing.

If India allows to run buses and trains from Lahore to Amritsar. India issues legal visas to hundreds of Pakistanis every year. If Pakistanis like Adnan Sami and Aatif Aslam are working here without legal permit. If India allows Pakistani passenger planes to fly across our border. Why just ban cricketers ?

Ebrahim Kabir said...

One of the worst movies of this year I can't believe Bollywood gets money to make such crap.

Fun & Fact said...

MY NAME IS KHAN is a landmark in the world of cinema.that would set a role model for future movies.SHAHRUKH is stupendous..Not once does he lose his grip on the distinct character who has a distinct body language and a completely unchartered emotional graph..the real KING is back vid a bang..Don't miss it..!! “The firs......t superhero with only one superpower — HUMANITY”

ashusoni said...

"My name is Khan" movie is not only d part of entertainment. I hope dis movie wil make a positive impact on human being. I want to say one thing, if human being really wants to make difference among them, thn criteria should be bad and gud people only.

Anonymous said...

I liked the movie "My Name is Khan" only becoz of SRK and Kajol. SRK has acted very well in his role as an autistic person. He is simply superb!