Feb 1, 2010

TATA DOCOMO DIVE-IN WAP service Rs 15.0/- deducted by Virus?

UPDATE(3rd Feb 2010) : 
 With the help of http://twitter.com/tatadocomo  I got back the GPRS charges which have been wrongly deducted (deducted when phone was not in use+offer recharge was activated too). The charges deducted for downloading something as shown below is still pending.

Today (31 Jan 2010 ) a message from TaTaDocomo came in mobile from short code 52250.
Thanks for downloading Video: Ritu 01 on TATA DOCOMO DIVE-IN WAP service. You've have been charged Rs 15.0/-.
The second SMS after a few seconds.
 Thanks for downloading Video: Theatrical Promo 01 on TATA DOCOMO DIVE-IN WAP service. You have been charged Rs.15/-

Als my money was even being deducted while callin the customer care as GPRS use also. I had GPRS offer pack with data+day validity:) 

This is not due to a virus attack or any action from my mobile. My mobile don't have WAP settings or TATA DOCOMO DIVE-IN Access point. Also I have done Rs.95 offer recharge for using GPRS and it had balance.

The reason is still not clear.

I just checked the orkut Tata Docomo community and was shocked to find that the same happened for another guy two days before in Cochin.

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Alok parmar said...

This has happened to me also.. As I have not subscribed any hustler videos but a message came saying- thanks for hustler video subscription and you have been charged Rs 14
What was the.funniest jok, they also provided deactivation no. what the hell happening .. Can somebody help me.