Mar 13, 2010

BSNL 3G Access Points in Trivandrum-Kerala

BSNL 3G Access Points in Trivandrum-Kerala

If you are not getting this try enabling GPRS first by sending GPRSPRE to 53733 if you are a BSNL prepaid customer.
Use the GPRS accesspoint

To access 3G or GPRS of BSNL in your computer select You might have to give username and password without 91 eg. userid = 9400024365 password = etc.

Enable 3G in your BSNL prepaid sim ( you will lose existing offers present if any)

M3G120 to 53733
after a reply message you have to send
M3G120Y to 53733.

BSNL 3G works only if *123# gives 3G as your plan. If that is still not the case raise a complaint for that first. To raise a complaint call BSNL Customer care +919400024365

Please have a balance of atleast 70 Rs. to use these services. The rate of 3G for broadband from mobile is Rs.1 for 1 MB. You can get near 3G speeds by using GPRS the second access point I mentioned with UMTS mode enabled. Enable UMTS mode only after your plan is changed.

A Special Tariff Voucher of Rs.98 for 3G will help to reduce the charges of video call and voice calls

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