Apr 8, 2010

Holidays- Movies- Vishu- Travel hot in Kerala

Another holiday season in Kerala, April 2010, after Maundy Thursday and Easter weekend April 10th second saturday. After the Ambedkar jayanthi (Bank Holiday) on 14th , we have Vishu on 15th. making 16th a virtual holiday extending to weekend 17th saturday and 18th sunday. Train tickets on 16th are sold out. The banks/state agencies might not function. The holiday shopping fever starts. The "Dream Season" for Kerala tourism starts, as schools are also closed domestic tourism will increase. Movies to watch include "In Ghost House Inn: Harihar Nagar Part 3" (Super Hit), also watch out for Mohan Lal-Suresh Gopi movie Janakan, Mohanlal (Special Appearance as advocate?)
The weekend before Vishu will have many film releases like Janakan, Pulliman, Plus Two, Pappy Appacha and Alexander The Great.


Ganga Joshi said...

My best wishes for all on vishu festival.

Myhappyjournay said...

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