May 27, 2010

Employee Vs Employer::Recession Strategies so far

State of Employees
Employees are overstretching.
Putting in unpaid overtime.
Trying to keep their jobs.
Save their firms
Employees feel employers do not appreciate their extra effort.
Employees are treated like dispensable commodities.
There is a floods of memos and meetings, endless reshuffles, the exhortations to do more with less.
Corporate loyalty is history.
Workers heading for the door as the economy picks up.
Star Performers or HiPos have to shoulder a disproportionate share of the growing burden of work.
Senior jobs dry up as older managers try to cling to their positions.

Strategy of Companies
Overstretched companies are beginning to hire again
Cash-strapped companies are making more use of symbolic rewards with a public ceremony.
Conduct special sessions to explain why companies are acting as they are.
Express willingness to explain what is going on to their workmates.
Pay particular attention to high performers.
Encourages rising stars to tackle difficult problems.
Lets its stars attend high-level strategy meetings and suggest solutions.
Combining these schemes with judicious pruning of less productive workers.
Do things on the pretext of "Eco Friendly" policies.
Frozen pay and shrinking perks.
Ask employees to stick to the dress code
Ask employees to do internal projects

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