Dec 10, 2010

China Govt blocks news tweets blogs

The list of websites blocked in China now include all foreign news sites, tv channels, blogs, tweets  , channels like youtube. The internet was heavily censored today in China because of the Nobel Peace Prize award ceremonyto honour Liu Xiaobo took place.
China and "The West" are full of individual people, many of whom are indifferent to such things. This issue was between a Nobel committee and a group of (non-elected) government officials. The Nobel peace prize actually lost its luster in China back in 1989 when the Oslo committee politicized it by awarding it to the Dalai Lama. It was further tarnished around the world when Obama received the award for doing nothing. But due to this heavy restriction on internet and TV, people took notice.
The prize will dramatically increase awareness of Charter 08, the manifesto for political reform that Mr. Liu endorsed and promoted. In the last two years, the petition has continued to garner thousands of signatures from Chinese citizens.

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