Dec 17, 2010

Re: tell me some websites popular in china ---- the most fashionable SNS website in office people   -- the most fashionable SNS website in colledge student    -- a famous forum based website    -- search engine    -- one of 4 biggest website in china        -- one of 4......................... -- ..................................   -- the biggest video like youtube    -- another video website which like digg    -- a search engine provided by -- the largest forum in educational network.  this forum is found by tsinghua university(the most famous university in china)    -- a new on-line buying website, now becomes more and more popular.        -- provided by QQ,  he want to do everything, and dare copy everything. -- the biggest class website.  -- the biggest china wiki  -- job hunting website, maybe the biggest
matrimonial    -- finding your wife or husband?     -- housing  -- linux & unix funny  -- download a software called xunlei, and them search it in, click the link and you can get everything.   -- a site where u can upload files    - twitter in China

People can go out and search them, it's very easy for us to download videos, everything. U can use bt, emuler, rayfile, etc.    -- chinese emuler interface.

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