Dec 26, 2011

Trend predictions for 2012 India

0. Newspaper and TV still works but internet will take a big time of people.

1. Satyam 2.0 : Corporate Fraud will be on rise in 2012

2. Forex/Commodity Trading : Sensex lacks lustre and Forex/Commodity Trade spikes in 2012

3. Powerless Government : Govt. will just watch as companies go bust/sold to foreigners in 2012

4. Air Conditioners switch off : IT companies will switch this off majority of the time in 2012 as power costs spikes.

5. Massive Inflation : The price rise of physical assets will be more than the rise in salary in 2012.

6. Online Malls : This is going to be the next big thing, as it will be cheap to buy things online due to good offers and free home delivery. You could watch the courier services giving better services in 2012

7. Pizza Mania : Even Indian railways will serve Pizza/KFC in addition to mushroom of shops in 2012. [ Note: 100% FDI in single brand retail ]

8. Digital TV : Each home in India will have set top box, the media will be controlled by TV channels with U.S behind. Each channel change that you make will be recorded in 2012.

9. MP5 Players/Tablet Phones : This is going to make Indians happy in a big way. It will allow you to watch movies+songs+text.

Dec 15, 2011

Wifi Andriod Sony Tablet Price in India Rs. 33,990/-

Tablet S (3G + Wi-Fi)) is priced at Rs. 33,990/- and Tablet P (3G + Wi-Fi) at Rs. 36,990/-

Models Type Storage Capacity Availability Price
Tablet S Wi-Fi 16 GB Available as on date Rs. 29,990/-
Tablet S 3G + Wi-Fi 16 GB Mid-Jan 2012 Rs. 33,990/-
Tablet P 3G + Wi-Fi 4 GB Mid-Jan 2012 Rs. 36,990/-

Model: SGPT111IN/S (Wi-Fi)
Operating System: Android™ 3.2
Processor: NVIDIA® Tegra™ 2 mobile processor | with Dual Core ARM® Cortex™-A9 CPU 1 GHz
Display: 9.4 (23.87 cms) wide (WXGA: 1280x800) TFT Colour LCD
Memory: 1GB
Storage: 16GB
Wireless LAN: IEEE802.11b/g/n
Bluetooth® Technology: Bluetooth® standard Ver. 2.1 + EDR
Sensor Accelerometer (3-ax is accelerometer), Gyro, Digital Compass, Ambient Light Sensor
Expansion Slots (Memory Card Slot): SD memory card x 1 (Supports SD, SDHC)
Front Camera: Webcamera (Resolution: 640 x 480, Effective Pixels: 0.3 Mega pixels)
Rear Camera : HD camera powered by "Exmor for mobile" (Resolution: 2592 x 1944, Effective Pixels: 5 Mega pixels)
Battery Life (Approx): Up to 8.0 hours (Standard usage*1)
Weight 598 g

Note:*1 "Standard usage" means browsing web with Wi-Fi, playing music, playing video for the same amount of time.

News against Pentavalent Vaccine in Kerala

UPDATE - Feb 4 : Three infants had reportedly died in the past one month in Kerala after receiving the vaccine, while one death was also reported from Haryana this month
Source : TimesofIndia
In this case too death happened next day with bleeding from nose.

Screenshot of TimesofIndia news. Click to zoom

UPDATE: But despite infant deaths and two pending PILs (with yet another being heard in the Delhi High Court) against pentavalents, the Health Ministry announced on April 16 that pentavalents would be introduced in five more states - Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Goa, Jammu and Kashmir and Puducherry in October.

In making the decision, the government overlooked the NTAGI, which has not even been convened since August 2010 when the body suggested limited introduction to Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

In short the ministry just decided to extend the Universal Immunization Programme (UIP) on April 17 !!!
Source: PTI

UPDATE: On the first day of starting the programme in Kerala one 2 month old baby died following immunization. The post mortem report suggested death was due to a hypersensitivity reaction. The Human Rights Legal Network (HRLN) filed an affidavit in the Kerala High Court on behalf of the mother of this girl who died, asking for the programme to be stopped. The Kerala High Court ordered the Government to submit its report. In its counter-affidavit the Government admitted that 4 children died from adverse events following immunization (AEFI) with the new vaccine within about a month of its introduction. No other clear ‘alternate cause’ of death was found as defined by WHO Brighton classification. One of the babies was under weight and the other had a heart murmur but the Government affidavit does not say these were considered the cause of the children’s death

UPDATE : The Hindu Link on the story

UPDATE: News from Manorama Online says " A baby died the next day after taking the pentavalent vaccine. These were the symptoms
1. Bleeding from the nose.
2. Change in body color.
Death happened before reaching hospital.

KOCHI: A public interest writ petition was filed before the Kerala High Court against the administration of pentavalent vaccine on children in the State. The petition was filed by P.G. Hari, a homeopathy doctor from Wayanad and president of the Jankeeya Manushyavakasasamrakhana Prasthanam. The vaccinecombined DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus), Hepatitis B, and Hib (Hemophilus influenzae type B).

The petitioner claimed that adverse effects of the vaccine had been reported from countries such as Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. He contended that no study or research had been conducted before introducing the vaccine in the State.
The decision to roll out the vaccine in the State had been taken to appease vested interests such as the manufacturer of the vaccine and the national agencies such as the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (GA-VI) and the Bill Gates foundation Trust.

In fact, the Bill Gates Foundation Trust had requested the Centre to introduce the vaccine in five States. But, the Centre had agreed to roll out the vaccine in only two States,Kerala and Tamil Nadu.
The petitioner said there was no need to include vaccination against Hepatitis B in the pentavalent vaccine as there had been no rise in the incidence of Hepatitis B infection in the country. Nor was it prevalent in the State as well.

It was the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation which had advised the Centre to roll out the vaccine in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. As per the decision, it would be introduced in the other States after reviewing the data about the result of the vaccination in Kerala and Tamil Nadu after one year.

Therefore, it could be assumed that it was a clinical trial. The trial was being undertaken without following the guidelines on clinical trials. A Division Bench on Wednesday directed the State government to produce a report of the Comptroller and Auditor General regarding the utilisation of the funds allotted for tsunami rehabilitation schemes.

Source: The Hindu Print Paper. Censored Online version here

Is Etibar Elchiyev , the man with spoons a "magnetic" man?

That shows that quite a different physical effect is at play. "These people aren't magnetic, it's just that things that have smooth surfaces stick to skin," said Radford, adding, "Often these magnetic people have smooth skin and hairless chests."
But the Media is reporting this as pure magnetism. In India even "The Hindu" Newspaper had an image shown without much detail to confuse the human mind.

Look at some of the captions given for the image
"Most spoons magnetized to body: Etibar Elchiyev poses with 50 metal spoons"
Etibar Elchiyev demonstrates his magnetic ability as he poses with metal spoons to his body during the Guinness World Record in Tbilisi on Wednesday - AP

The Media should be sued.

Nov 17, 2011

1 Chinese yuan = 8 Indian rupees ; 1 U.S. dollar = 50.9 Indian rupees

UPDATE May 16 2012:
1 Chinese yuan = 8.61993243 Indian rupees
1 RMB in INR = 8.61
The rupee fell to a record low of 54.52 against the dollar, before settling at 54.51,

UPDATE Dec 28:
1 Chinese yuan = 8.38 Indian rupees
1 U.S. dollar = 53.01 Indian rupees

China and Japan signed a deal to allow direct trading of their currencies. The arrangement is part of the nations' move to scale back exposure to the U.S. dollar. China and Japan are the world's second- and third-largest economies, respectively.
UPDATE Dec 15:
1 Chinese yuan = 8.42 Indian rupees
1 U.S. dollar = 54.11 Indian rupees

2011 chart showing how India Rupee is losing value against Dollar

2011 chart showing how Chinese RMB is gaining against Dollar

This means
* In India the value of imported items are expensive in Indian Rupee.
* In India the price of Dollar based assets like Oil, Gold etc will be expensive
* The items imported especially from China will be very very expensive.
* Indian citizens are banned to keep/trade the Chinese currency which gives more returns than any bank deposit in India can give.
* Fertilizers are going to get expensive, Fertilizers - > Food - > Wages.
* If your salary is in Indian Rupees it is going to be down.

Nov 15, 2011

Get SMS alert as Aishwarya Rai delivers her baby

UPDATE: Aishwarya Rai delivers baby girl
Latest News Aishwarya Rai Baby Girl reports
The latest arrival in the Bachchan family is due any day now. Proud grandfather-to-be Amitabh tweeted excitedly last night: "The family gathers together from all over as we wait for the 'arrival' .. Greatest joy for me -- a full house and the 'chahel- pahel'"

On Sunday night, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was spotted paying a visit to the Seven Hills hospital in Marol, northwest Mumbai, where she is expected to deliver her first child. The latest photos of the visit are given below.

You can share your email id or  mobile number here
to get instant alert of the "Aishwarya Rai Baby News". It was predicted  that  the  delivery of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan might happen on Nov 11 or Nov 14 (Children's Day) . Subscribe to this alert to save your  money and time.

Aishwarya Rai and Family @ Seven Hills hospital in Marol

Aishwarya Rai and Family @ Seven Hills hospital in Marol
People who have read this post also read "Amitabh Bachchan's announcement of Aishwarya's pregnancy"

Nov 14, 2011

Compare Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia 710 Price in India

Nokia Lumia 800 Indian price is Rs 29,000
Nokia Lumia 710 Indian price is Rs 19,000
Nokia Lumina 800 India


Oct 7, 2011

How to buy $35 Ubislate Aakash Tablet ?

UPDATE Feb 22: Aakash, the "$35" computer launched last year in India as the world's cheapest tablet, has run into problems and companies will be invited to bid again to make the device after complaints of poor performance and hiccups rolling out a pilot model.

Co-developed by UK-based company DataWind and the Indian Institute of Technology, the Aakash, also known as UbiSlate 7
India plans to sell tablet computers operating on Google Inc's Android system for students for as low as 1,100 rupees ($22) as Asia's third-biggest economy aims to boost usage of computers.

The specs
Android OS 2.2 ( Froyo )
Connexant with Graphics accelerator and HD Video processor
Memory 256 MB RAM/ Storage 2 GB Flash
1 USB Port
Audio in Audio Out 3.5mm Jack
7 inch display
Document formats supported doc/docx/ppt/pptx/xls/xlsx/odt/odp
High Quality Video Streaming & HD Playback
Games, Full Office suite, 150000 apps, educational software
Resistive Touch Screen
GPRS and Wifi a/b/g
Battery upto 180 minutes / AC 200-240 voltage

"The poorly made hardware and sluggish performance get in the way of what could have been a great value internet device." PC Advisor criticised build quality, but said that it "could suit an inexperienced user."

Anyone know where to buy it in India?

SMS 537252 for Kerala Govt's KSEB KSRTC KWC ...

UPDATE: Premium Rates apply for these services! Rs. 3 will be deducted.
537252 is the short code of Kerala Government or of some private agency? The deduction of Rs.3 is silent on press releases.

UPDATE: December 25 2011
List of keywords available: KTDC, MVD, Lottery, KWA, KFC, KWC, KPB, KSFE, KEAM, KSRTC, KAU, DCALP, DCKLM, DCTSR, BLOOD
You could try sending SMS with the above keyword space HLP to 537252 ( and waste Rs.3 )

KTDC to 537252
To get details of place in Kerala from Kerala Tourism Department

MVD to 537252
To get details of vehicle from Kerala Motor Vehicles Department

Lottery to 537252
To get Lottery details

KFC loan loan code to 537252
To get details of loans from Kerala Financial Corporation

KPB <> 537252
Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan

Unique Short-Code 537252 – K E R A L A in non Qwerty keypad

SMS KSEB Complaints – SMS to 537252 to Register Kerala Electricity Complaints
KSEB Section Code Consumer No. to 537252

To get the Section Code download this pdf

You could call 155333 with the complaint number, if the problem is not resolved

Under the KSRTC M-governance scheme, the public will get the bus timings through SMS. Now this facility is available all Super Fast and Upper class services, certain Fast Passenger services and some important Ordinary services.

The keyword KSRTC then a space type starting DEPOT CODE then a space and type destination DEPOT CODE

send SMS to 537252


Then will get a list of 20 buses with their timings on that route.

The Depot codes are normally written on the front and back of the KSRTC buses or important place. You can also get it here.

SMS Services from Kerala Womens Commission on 537252 Short Code

Complaint Registration
VanithaCompComplaint Description
Eg : vanitha comp harassment by husband
Feedback : Complaint registered.You will get a call from Kerala Women’s Commission

Present Status of a Case
Eg : vanitha 1234 2009
Feedback : present status,Last action taken,Next Hearing Date,Purpose of Posting

Oct 6, 2011

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs dead 1955 - 2011

Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder, dies aged 56. He died after a long battle with pancreatic cancer

In India apple products are expensive and the number of people use apple products are less. The most popular apple product in India might be the Apple iPod. Most Indians will not think of buying apple laptop or iPhone because it is expensive. If you use an Apple product you will appreciate the difference. The market share of Apple compared to Microsoft was the same in U.S , and it got changed. I believe the trend to switch from Microsoft to Apple will happen soon in India as it happened from Yahoo to Google.

If you would like to share your thoughts, memories, and condolences, please email

Read more here.

Oct 5, 2011

Durga Pooja of Computer Peripherals @ Logtech Trivandrum

Could you spot HP, Seagate, Canon, Transcend, Belkin , Apple?

In Kerala, Durga Puja signifies the beginning of formal education for every child aged 3–5 years. While puja goes on in the temple for all ten days, it is the concluding three days which are most important. Ashtami is the day of Ayudya Puja, when all the tools at home/office/shops are worshipped. Custom dictates that no tools be used on this day.

It is also the Happy Birthday of this blog.

Sep 30, 2011

Howto:: Activate Do Not Disturb DND / Bulk SMS Partially in India

You might know how to activate DND ( Do Not Disturb ) to stop spam calls and sms. Here is how to stop it partially.

If you want to stop receiving such categories of calls or sms please follow the following below steps

1.) For fully blocked DND service
On selecting fully blocked DND service your number will be fully blocked and you will not receive any commercial SMS & voice call. Please note, once your request is registered you can give another DND preference or change request only after completion of 90 days

To register your telephone number in National Do Not Call Registry - Call 1909 or type and send SMS on 1909 for fully blocked. To De-registration type and send SMS on 1909

2.) For Partially blocked DND service
After selecting the given categories, you will start receiving commercial SMS for the selected category and rest other categories of SMS & Voice Call will be blocked on your number. Please note, once your request is registered you can give another DND preference or change request only after completion of 90 days

Category & Description
0 – Fully blocked Registration
0 – Fully blocked START 0 to 1909

Partially Blocked
1 – for receiving SMS relating to Banking / Insurance / Financial Products / Credit Cards START 1 to 1909
2 – for receiving SMS relating to Real Estate START 2 to 1909
3 – for receiving SMS relating to Education START 3 to 1909
4 – for receiving SMS relating to Health START 4 to 1909
5 – for receiving SMS relating to Consumer goods and automobiles START 5 to 1909
6 – for receiving SMS relating to Communication / Broadcasting / Entertainment / IT START 6 to 1909
7 – for receiving SMS relating to Tourism and Leisure START 7 to 1909
Examples of multiple choices in SMS Reg. – START 1,2,3 to 1909 De-reg. – STOP 4,6 to 1909

Sep 28, 2011

Honda Brio price in India Rs 4 lakhs+

UPDATE : The latest 31 October 2013 Honda Brio ex-showroom price at Kochi,Kerala,India
Hond Brio E MT : Rs. 428,928
Brio EX MT : Rs. 445,827
Brio S MT : Rs. 481,128
Brio V MT : Rs. 528,727
Brio VX MT : Rs. 560,627
Brio VX AT : Rs. 639,328

Old Price of Honda Brio during September 2011 launch.
E MT : Rs. 399,000 E variant is useless with almost no extra features.
S MT : Rs. 440,000
S(O) MT : Rs. 498,000
V MT : Rs. 521,000
All prices are ex showroom in Kerala for each of the four versions.

TO know the prices in different locations and for Test driving Honda Brio check @honda india site
Also visit official Honda Brio ( pronounced Br-ee-o, means energetic/cheerful in Italian) webpage

Honda Brio expected priced was 4.2 to 4.5 lakh. and its going to launch on 27 September 2011. Now we could see that the price for high end model is 5lakhs+

The Brio will compete with the likes of the Hyundai i10, Maruti WagonR and General Motors Chevrolet Beat, which are priced in a similar range.

Is Toyota Etios Liva better than Honda Brio. ? There is only petrol version of Honda Brio. Mileage of  18km/l is what the company says. There is no Honda Brio Diesel car. If you need a diesel car of Honda, checkout Honda Amaze. The price of Honda Amaze in Kerala starts from Rs. 5.4 lakhs to Rs. 8.03 lakhs

Aug 25, 2011

Online Bus Booking @ Kerala State Road Transport Corporation - KSRTC

KSRTC:: Saarathi - A facility to reserve Kerala Bus Tickets Online.
Total Registered Users :113842
Total Tickets : 123713
Total Tickets Sold :434

If you visit and scroll down you could see
Online reservation
Click on e-Ticketing will lead you to

You need to do one time registration and then login again.
Search for the type of bus you need and the date and book the desired bus.
Online KSRTC booking can be done for
Semi Sleeper
AC Garuda
Super Delux Air Bus
Super Delux
Super Express
and even Super Fast

Select desired seat! Now this feature is something that the railways should learn from KSRTC.

The reservation charge is Rs. 20 and service charge is Rs.40

Enter the passenger info and proceed to payment.

Now make payment via Credit Card or Debit Card of your choice. The payment gateway is provided by HDFC

Aug 11, 2011 is next big thing in Kerala + India

CouchSurfing is a worldwide network for making connections between travelers and the local communities they visit. The idea is to share a beer/meet a foreigner/share a couch. This is similar to Homestays in Kerala but without money. I think the greatest advantage is that you are getting a partner in the other country so that if you visit their place , you are sure to get a couch/beer/advice in return.

The United States and Europe are where CouchSurfing is most popular, but we have members in over 240 countries and territories (even Antarctica!). CouchSurfers use over 330 different languages, and live in over 79,000 different cities.

Join Couch surfing and the communities you like.
CouchSurfing is your ticket to explore the world -- from the road or from your own home.

CouchSurfing International Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization.
In India it is more popular in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. The Kochi/Cochin Couch Surfing Community is growing up and plans regular weekly team meets.
India, Maharashtra, Mumbai 7,900 18.8%
India, Delhi, New Delhi 6,066 14.4%
India, Karnataka, Bangalore 4,636 11.0%
India, Maharashtra, Pune 2,103 5.0%
India, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad 1,957 4.6%
India, Tamil Nadu, Chennai 1,778 4.2%
India, West Bengal, Kolkata (Calcutta) 1,184 2.8%
India, Rajasthan, Jaipur 1,012 2.4%
India, Haryana, Gurgaon 865 2.1%
India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad 811 1.9%
India, Chandigarh, Chandigarh 703 1.7%
India, Karnataka, Bengaluru 546 1.3%
India, Kerala, Kochi 524 1.2%

Jul 25, 2011

Income Tax efiling Help and Howto ITR1 ITR2 steps

Hi Indians,
The Indian govt. made filing tax even more difficult for citizen without internet connection this time. This  Assessment Year AY 2011-12 ( Financial Year 2010-11 ) . You cannot photostat and file the return. So it is easy to file the return online.

Due to routine maintenance activity, the website will not be available to the users for the following time period:
01:30 Hrs, Wednesday 27th July 2011 till 04:00 Hrs, Wednesday 27th July 2011 .

Update on CPC - Call Center To assist taxpayers a call center with 20 agents provides customer service and support for resolution of taxpayers queries. It provides information and updates on the following:

1. Status of receipt of ITR-V at CPC
2. Processing status of e-filed returns
3. Refund issues
4. Any other information related to processing of returns at CPC

This service is available on working days and call are answered in English,Hindi,Kannada on the following telephone numbers ;

Toll free: 1800-425-2229
Direct: 080-22546500
Income Tax Customer Service no. CPC Call center are being extended to 9AM-8PM on all working days.

Inorder to file the IT return online you have to visit the website 

UPDATE: Income Tax Department is releasing 3 new services on the e-filing websoite. These are available from the 'Services' menu on the Menu Bar on top. The services are available without requiring any login (and are also available under 'My Account' as well) are:

1. ITR-V receipt status at CPC Bangalore.
2. Refund failure status out of refunds issued or to be issued at CPC Bangalore
3. Processing status of e-Returns from CPC Bangalore

This website will be out of service during normal work hours, so try at night. You should have a userid to login to the website to file the return. In order to register you have to give the PAN card number, date of birth and first-name last name . The firstname-lastname combination should match the income tax database. To know what is the firstname lastname info for your PAN card visit this page .  Once you get that you can create the account using the first link I gave.

If the lastname you give is being rejected , try to decode the PAN number and find the first letter of your lastname as per IT records by taking the 5th letter of the PAN number. For eg. If you PAN number is this one AFBPT2446Q  , then the 5th letter is T and you lastname starts with T.  This is generally designed like this but not a fool proof method.

If you got the Form 16 from employer it is easy to file the return. There are some websites which help you file on your behalf, but avoid them as it is not needed. You could input the value in any of those websites if you have multiple Fomr 16 and see whether it tallies with you tax calculation :)

If you have to pay tax , you can do that online now.

To pay Direct Tax through the internet:

1. Click the Direct Taxes (OLTAS) link. You are displayed Tax Information Network webpage of Income Tax Department.
2. Click the challan No. applicable. ( Usually this is 280 )
3. Enter the PAN, name, address, assessment year, major head, minor head, type of payment etc.
4. Select your Bank from the Bank name list.
5. You will be redirected to the Netbanking login page.
6. Enter your Internet Banking user ID and password. If your credentials are valid, you can proceed to select the account from which you wish to pay tax.
7. Enter the tax amount and submit the page.
8. You are displayed a confirmation page indicating the status of the transaction.

e-Filing Process – StepbyStep Instructions

1 Select appropriate type of Return Form

2 Download Return Preparation Software for selected Return Form.

3 Fill your return offline and generate a XML file.

4 Register and create a user id/password

5 Login and click on relevant form on left panel and select "Submit Return"

6 Browse to select XML file and click on "Upload" button

7 On successful upload acknowledgement details would be displayed. Click on "Print" to generate printout of acknowledgement/ITR-V Form.

8 Incase the return is digitally signed, on generation of "Acknowledgement" the Return Filing process gets completed. You may take a printout of the Acknowledgement for your record.

9 Incase the return is not digitally signed, on successful uploading of e-Return, the ITR-V Form would be generated which needs to be printed by the tax payers. This is an acknowledgement cum verification form. A duly signed ITR-V form should be mailed to “Income Tax Department – CPC, Post Bag No - 1, Electronic City Post Office, Bengaluru - 560100, Karnataka, ” BY ORDINARY POST OR SPEED POST ONLY within 120 days of transmitting the data electronically.
ITR-V sent by Registered Post or Courier will not be accepted.
No Form ITR-V shall be received in any other office of the Income-tax Department or in any other manner. In case, Form ITR-V, is furnished after the above mentioned period, it will be deemed that the return in respect of which the Form ITR-V has been filed was never furnished and it shall be incumbent on the assessee to electronically re-transmit the data and follow it up by submitting the new Form ITR-V within 120 days. This completes the Return filing process for non-digitally signed Returns.

10 To reset the password, click on the forget password link from the login page. In the password reset page, enter either of the following data :
Enter your secret question and answer which you entered during registration
Enter the assessment-year and acknowledgement number of any of the e-returns filed by you since assessment year 2007-08.
Then enter the new password twice and then the text from the image below. Click on Reset Password to reset the password of your user.

11 For any assistance in electronic filing please contact the Public Relations Officer of the local Income Tax Office

Jul 20, 2011

HDFC Bank Mobile version work in Windows too

HDFC Bank Mobile version work in Windows too. It is clean , fast and convenient to use in mobile or computer than the normal version.

Some screenshots are here

Job Opening Freshers Technopark Trivandrum

Job Opening Freshers Alamy Images Technopark Trivandrum

Trainee - Engineer

C++ Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer

Database Developer

Senior Database Developer

Quality Assurance Engineer

IT Operations Engineer

IT Operations Senior Engineer

Service Architect (Infrastructure)

Executive - Client Invoicing Services

Executive - Receivables and Reporting

Executive - Account Services (Finance)

Jul 14, 2011

Compare Transaction Charges for irctc Ticket Booking

The transaction charges details for booking rail tickets at using various modes of payment are as follows. I think if the amount is less than Rs.555 pay using your credit card (after selecting HDFC Gateway) . Then the charges will be less than Rs.10. If  the amount of rail ticket at is greater than Rs.555 use the option to pay using Net Banking facility as the service charges will be always capped at Rs.10+tax.

You can also see that for Punjab National Bank or IDBI or Indusind or Bank of Baroda does not charge any transaction charges... So open an account in any of these banks and enable netbanking and save money.

Payment by Credit Cards
Payment by Credit Cards - Note that you could select any gateway but HDFC gateway is the best as on November 2013. 

For all Master / Visa Credit Cards (Not International Credit Cards).Transaction charges of 1.65%+Service Tax. 
For all Domestic Debit Cards transactions Amount upto Rs. 2,000 :Transaction charges of 0.75%+Service Tax.
For all Domestic Debit Cards transactions Amount above Rs. 2,000 :Transaction charges of 1%+Service Tax.

For all MASTER / VISA Credit Cards (Not International Credit Cards) / Debit cards. Transaction Charge 1.8%+Service Tax as applicable

For all MASTER / VISA Credit Cards (Not International Credit Cards) / Debit cards. Transaction Charge 1.8%+Service Tax as applicable

For all MASTER / VISA / DINERS CLUB CREDIT CARDS / VISA Debit cards.Transaction Charges 1.8%+Service Tax as applicable

American express
For all credit cards issued by American Express. Transaction Charges 1.8%

Payment through Credit Cards EMI Option
ICICI BANK EMI Pay in 3 installments with your ICICI Bank Credit Cards. Transaction charges 3.95%.
CITI Bank EMI Pay in 3 installments with your Citibank/Diners Club Credit Cards. Transaction charges 2.8%.

Payment through ATM cum Debit Card
CITI Bank Transaction charges of Rs.10/- or 1.8% whichever is higher + applicable S.Tax
Punjab National Bank Transaction charges of Rs.10/- per transaction
Indian Bank Transaction Charges of Rs.10/- per transaction
SBI ATM-cum-Debit Card Transaction charges of Rs.10/- per transaction
Andhra Bank Transaction charges of Rs.10/- per transaction
Canara Bank Transaction Charges of Rs.10/- per transaction
Bank of India Transaction charges of Rs.10/- per transaction

Payment through Net Banking facility
HDFC Bank Transaction Charges Rs.10/- + service tax and education cess as applicable
ICICI BANK Rs.10/- + Service Tax as applicable
Andhra Bank Rs.10/- + Service Tax as applicable
AXIS Bank Rs.10/- + taxes per transaction
Vijaya Bank Rs.10/- +Service Tax as applicable
IDBI Bank Transaction Charges NIL
Indian Bank Rs.10/- per transaction
SBI         Rs.10/- per transaction
PNB-Net Banking Transaction Charges NIL
Federal Bank Rs.10/- +Service Tax as applicable
Syndicate Bank Rs.10/- per transaction
Indusind Bank Transaction Charges NIL
Karnataka Bank Rs.10/- per transaction
Corporation Bank Rs.10/- per transaction
Bank of India Rs.10/- per transaction
SBI Associates Transaction Charges Rs.10/- per Transaction
Oriental bank of commerce Rs.10/- + Service Tax as applicable
Union Bank Of India Rs.10/- per transaction
Bank of Baroda Transaction Charge NIL
Central Bank of India Rs. 10/- Per transaction + Service Tax as applicable
Bank of Maharashtra Rs. 10/-per transaction (Inclusive of Service Tax)
IMPS Transaction charges Rs. 5 for TXN Amt. up to Rs. 5000/- and Rs. 10 for above
Allahabad Bank Rs.10/-+ Service Tax as applicable
Karur Vysya Bank Rs.10/-+ Service Tax as applicable
ING Vysya Bank Rs.10/-+ Service Tax as applicable

Jun 22, 2011

Amitabh Bachan Twitter ->Photos Aishwarya Rai is pregnant Amitabh Bachchan

May 19, 2011

Travel Advice for foreigners visiting Kerala

My boyfriend and I are planning our 3 week trip in Kerala. We're staying from July 11th-31st and are now trying to figure out our travel route and our budget.

I was wondering if some kind soul/souls would be so nice to answer a few questions..

1. How much would it approximately cost to rent a driver to drive us from Bangalore to Calicut/Kozhikode?
276 km  . @10 Rs./km

2. What would be the best way to travel back to Bangalore from the tip of India (Kanniyakumari/Cape Comorin or from Thiruvananthapuram?
Needless to say, Flight from Thiruvananthapuram is the fastest and most expensive. Train should be reserved well in advance. Bus if you want to see places and have time.

3. Which websites are the cheapest and best for buying flight/bus/train tickets? Or should we by them straight of the station?
Book them online early.

4. How much does it cost to rent a Houseboat from Kochi to Kollam?
Less than 8k for two people., depends on a/c etc

5. Any good (and hopefuly cheap) hotel/hostel/Bungalow recommendations in Kozhinkode, Kochi, Kollam, Thiruvananthapuram, Kanniyakumari?

6. Good tips for beaches? Where to stay?
Kovalam. Lots of places around to checkin.

May 17, 2011

Hidden Charges/Tricks by TataDocomo Online Recharge

There is a neat hidden charge/trick or hidden validity trick @ TaTa Docomo Online Recharge. The validity is not specified for some offers confusing users. Example.. For all the below offers the validity is only 30 days.

May 15, 2011

Petrol Prices in Kerala from 15 May 2011

These are the petrol prices for each district in Kerala as seen in the newspapers.

Apr 28, 2011

30 Apr 11 C++/ VC++ @ NeST Technopark

Interviews for C++ candidates this Saturday, 30 Apr 11 at Trivandrum. Please see the Details below.

Skill set: C++/ VC++
Strong Knowledge in Object oriented Programming, Exposure to socket programming, multi threaded programming desirable

YOE: 1 - 8 Years
Date & Time: 30 April 2011, 10.00 am - 4.00 pm
Venue: NeST
Gnayalloor Building Complex
Opposite SBI
0471-2527441, 2449198

Apr 4, 2011

Profile of Rajiv Shah - the new CEO of IBS, Technopark

Mr. Rajiv Shah is appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of IBS, to enhance the management bandwidth and capability in preparation for the planned IPO in 2012, and the operation of IBS as a listed company thereafter. Rajiv Shah, as CEO, will take responsibility for the operation of our business worldwide and will report to VK Mathews in his role as Executive Chairman. VK will now focus more on strategy, direction, key accounts and our preparations for the IPO.

Rajiv Shah ( link at Wipro ) has over 25 years of experience with more than 15 years in senior executive roles managing several businesses globally either as chief executive officer or head of big business units, including EDS (USA and India), Cofuture (Kerry Packer Co, Australia), Wipro Technologies (USA), Bharti Telecom (India). Rajivs last assignment has been with Wipro Technologies, operating from Boston, USA (2003-11), heading initially Wipros Securities & Capital Markets business as Chief Executive, and later heading their health care and services business worldwide. Rajiv started his career as a technical professional with EDS (Milwaukee, USA), joining straight from the university. Rajiv served EDS for 14 years, first 10 years in the US and latter 4 years as the CEO of EDS India. Rajiv holds a graduate degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Missouri (1985), and had executive management education at IIM-A (India) and Wharton School of Business (Upenn, USA).

IBS Technopark job openings for JAVA J2EE Developers and Testers

IBS Technopark job openings for JAVA/J2EE Developers and Testers
2-5 years of experience in IT industry in analyzing, developing, testing and implementing Web applications using Java technologies (Struts, JSP, Swing, Spring, Servlets, and JavaBeans).
Proficient in web based application programming with Struts, Spring, Hibernate,JSP, Servlets.
Through understanding of OOPS principles and deep understanding of the Java platform.
Proven ability as a quick learner of new skills and technologies.
Good team worker with strong initiative
Education: B.E/ B.Tech, M.E /M.Tech /M.C.A
Work location - Trivandrum

3-4 years of experience in Manual Testing.
Must have good communication and interest in building a career with IBS.
Education: B.E/ B.Tech, M.E /M.Tech /M.C.A
Work location - Trivandrum

Venue: Cochin

IBS Software Services Private Limited
Leela Infopark,Kusumagiri PO,
Cochin 682 030, India

Time - 9.30am to 4.00pm

Venue: Trivandrum

IBS Software Services Private Limited
5th Floor, Nila,
Technopark Campus,
Trivandrum - 695 581, Kerala -India

Time - 9.30am to 4.00pm

This is what you need to do.....

Send resume to . This is an opportunity for me to refer friends for incentives.
Shortlisted candidates will be called for an interview on Saturday, 9th April 2011 at the above mentioned locations between 9.30am and 4.00pm.
The candidate needs to carry a hard copy of the resume with the name and the employee ID of the employee who is referring. *Candidates without the referral tag will not be considered.
Candidates from Bangalore who qualify will be contacted over phone for a first round review.

Apr 3, 2011

Humidity is high expect a rain in Kerala now

Rain....lightning...thunder! @kottayam in #kerala now says

Mar 25, 2011

Spice Projector Mobile PopCorn M9000 price 6990 Rupees

Spice Projector Mobile M9000 priceffff in India Rs. 6990. Spice Popcorn is a Dual-SIM Phone featuring Projector, it means now can enjoy your videos & Pictures on Large Screen with the inbuilt projector.

The Spice Popkorn Projector M9000 has a 3.2 Megapixel Camera, FM radio, Analog TV chip, a 2.4 inch TFT Display, TV antenna and a document viewer. This is a Dual SIM GSM Mobile and besides featuring a projector, it also comes with a Video Recorder and player and a tripod for easy projecting.

Feb 21, 2011

IPL Kochi Indi Commandos Theme Song Download

Direction Priyadarshan
Music Director Ousepachen
Camera Thiru
Duration 2 minutes

The shooting progress at Varapuzha Kerala

Feb 1, 2011

Beautiful Google Doodle Chinese New Year 2011

Beautiful Google Doodle to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2011 - the year of rabbit

Happy Chinese New Year to all. Happy Spring Festival. The New Year is on February 3 2011.

Jan 12, 2011

Capsule Hotel @Shanghai China costs only 600 Indian Rupees

88 Chinese yuan = 599.3865 Indian rupees for 24 hours
68 Chinese yuan = 463.1623 Indian rupees.

I want to sleep in a capsule hotel someday.

Helo How To Make Fish Curry Kerala Style

Now when you say Kerala style, It can be Kottayam Style Or Alleppey Style or Other Styles.
Check out the videos in youtube. Taste of Kerala Series

Alleppy Fish Curry

Lekshmi Nair's Mathi Curry

Cookery Mallu girl giving English explanation

Kerala Fish Curry Recipe - By Ryan Karcher (Not really Kerala, a remix / fusion version )

By Vanchef (Not Kerala Style )