Dec 26, 2011

Trend predictions for 2012 India

0. Newspaper and TV still works but internet will take a big time of people.

1. Satyam 2.0 : Corporate Fraud will be on rise in 2012

2. Forex/Commodity Trading : Sensex lacks lustre and Forex/Commodity Trade spikes in 2012

3. Powerless Government : Govt. will just watch as companies go bust/sold to foreigners in 2012

4. Air Conditioners switch off : IT companies will switch this off majority of the time in 2012 as power costs spikes.

5. Massive Inflation : The price rise of physical assets will be more than the rise in salary in 2012.

6. Online Malls : This is going to be the next big thing, as it will be cheap to buy things online due to good offers and free home delivery. You could watch the courier services giving better services in 2012

7. Pizza Mania : Even Indian railways will serve Pizza/KFC in addition to mushroom of shops in 2012. [ Note: 100% FDI in single brand retail ]

8. Digital TV : Each home in India will have set top box, the media will be controlled by TV channels with U.S behind. Each channel change that you make will be recorded in 2012.

9. MP5 Players/Tablet Phones : This is going to make Indians happy in a big way. It will allow you to watch movies+songs+text.

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