Jul 21, 2012

BSNL Kerala Internet Tariff for 3G Data Latest June 2015

UPDATE 1.6.2015: BSNL reduces validity of data packs. For eg. Rs.68 Data STV will be valid for 7 days instead of 10 days. The details are below.

UPDATE : May 2015 . BSNL introduced a Data STV of Rs.68 with 1GB 3G data limit of validity 10 days. This is valid from April 1 2015 to 30 May 2015. To activate the new data stv 68 on your number, just recharge 68 or send STV DATA68 to 123.
BSNL Kerala now has Annual Prepaid 3G Plans!!! In addition to the above get 9GB of 3G data for 1 year and get a 3.6Mbps 3G Datacard for  Rs 1851 !!

The new 2G/3G BSNL Prepaid Tariff from 1/June/2014 to today is below. All 2G users get 3G dataspeed while in 3G coverage area. This means 2G = 3G from now on for BSNL. There is no separate recharge coupons for 2G and 3G service of BSNL.

All existing GPRS/3G data STVs (including YUVA ) are gone.
BSNL Rs 14  Data Plan gives you 90 MB for 2 days. SMS DATA14 to 53733 to activate

Rs. 25 150MB 3G / 2G data for 4 days SMS DATA25 to 53733 to activate.
 Rs 40 Data Plan gives you 200 MB for 6 days , SMS DATA40 to 53733 to activate and so on.
 Rs 68 Data Plan gives you 1 GB for 7 days. ( DATA78 )
 Rs 78 Data Plan gives you 450 MB for 12 days. ( DATA78 )
 Rs 98 Data Plan gives you 650 MB for 16 days.
 Rs 139 Data Plan gives you 1 GB for 15 days.
 Rs 155 Data Plan gives you 1 GB for 22 days
 Rs 198 Data Plan gives you 1.1 GB for 28 days
 Rs 252 Data Plan gives you  2.2 GB for 28 days
 Rs 451 Data Plan gives you 2 GB+Rs.100 TalkTime for 60 days
 Rs 561 Data Plan gives you 5 GB for 30 days
 Rs 821 Data Plan gives 7GB ( 2G/3G Data ) for 60 days...
BSNL Rs 1011 Data Plan gives you 10 GB for 30 days . SMS DATA1011 to 53733 to activate via SMS.
Rs.1949 Data Plan - 20 GB for 60 days.
Since extra usage will be charged at 2ps/10KB it is better to keep less balance and consume data.

Note: If you face BSNL 3G activation delay after sending SMS DATAXXX to 53733 say for example after sending the SMS DATA1011 to 53733 you might get below reply . No balance deduction happens.
Number: BT-BSNL
Your request for 3G Data PackDATA1011 is recieved and under process.
Pl wait for Confirmation Message - BSNLMOBILE 
To solve this issue just do a top up for Rs.50 or any amount after you get the above message and check your account balance and 3G balance.

You could also visit http://portal.bsnl.in and then select the option to do the 2G / 3G recharge.

3G/2G online recharge now available at portal.bsnl.in
or you could visit a local shop;)

Additional Usage 2paise/10KB.
3G accesspoint (APN) is bsnlnet

BSNL 3G Data STVs for attracting the Youth named as “YUVA" is withdrawn.

Once you start the BSNL 3G plans, you won't be able to do 2G internet recharges even if your area has only 2G network. The way out is to change plan. This is no longer the case as there is only one plan for data be it 2G or 3G. In 2G area you will get 2G speed, in 3G area you will get 3G speed..

How to Check BSNL datacard/3G validity and how much data used in internet balance ?

For BSNL Data Balance check: Dial *124*4# or SMS "DATA 3G" to 53733.

BSNL USSD query from Kerala network for balance check

Receive:GPRS 24Hr Acc bal 577.22MB and valid upto 03.08.2012. GPRS Night Acc has expired.
The reply might say GPRS even though I am using 3G.

Receive:Mob No is 9194474XXXXX,plan is "3G Special New". MainAcc Bal: Rs 99.22,expires on 12.01.2013.


Anonymous said...

1000MB for 200rs? Is there a plan like that?
the picture says 302rs for 1gb/30days.

arun T said...

Recharge for 601 and you will get 3GB for 3 months. So 1 GB = 200MB :)

Anonymous said...

an unlimited postpaid 3g data plan is available now for Rs.700 in kerala. speed up to 3.6 Mbps up to 6GB . beyond that speed is 256 Kbps.

Anonymous said...

i recharged for 751 and it got expired after 2GB!!..Did they change the plan again?

arun T said...

It may be because you hit the 30 day limit ?

Anonymous said...

hi ,tell me bsnl 3g new plan prepaid in kerala circle?

not accepting and recharging 252 and 601. any new plan?

Reji said...

Thanks for the info Arun.
I am a BSNL 2G (Prepaid mobile-Mithram) customer and I do have plans to migrate to 3G. I would like to know the following.

1. Which is the best reasonable & value added prepaid plan available in 3G?
2. Is there is any unlimited plans available in 3G,valid for life time or 180 days?

Your help will be highly appreciated in this regard.Thanks in advance.

arun T said...

Hi Reji,
My friends have experienced BSNL 3G speeds in Mithram 2G. Try this yourself by doing a 2G recharge. If that fails switch to Mithram 3G

Jenny Smith said...

The telecom operators have also brought various Data Card Plans in india that help subscribers to avail maximum Internet benefits. After analyzing the need and demand of 3G in India, these operators have also introduced best and affordable 3G data card plans.

Somesh T said...

How to check 3G Data usage "For whole India " (Postpaid Data Card)

1. Dial 1503 (Have Patience,it will take time to connect)

2. Ask your a/c no.,note down

3. Go on the following Link --- either click here or (Copy ,paste,enter)


4. Type your BSNL mobile no./for 3G Connection
-- Type Your a/c no.
-- select your circle (Your state)

5. Click on Submit Button

6. Your Data usage with all details will appear.


Note -- I had tough time finding this all for myself,now I wanted it share with you all and save your time and unwarranted problems.

Happy Surfing...

V!$H@L said...

Hi. I want to migrate from 2G to 3G and i have send M3G and M3GY, as suggested, many a times.. But still i m not able to migrate. Pls help me, its is necessary..

Neenu said...

Am from Thruvalla,pathanamthitta District had took a bsnl 3g usb data card. i took 2g plan connectn,its vry slow so should i change to 3g plan? If yes, what should i do 4 that? Between conection broadcast message frm difernt place coming and conection going.

richard wilson said...

how much does BSNL(3G) data card costs in kerala

Nithin P said...

What is the best data plans available for mithram 3g ....

Nithin P said...

What is the best data plans available for mithram 3g