Jun 15, 2012

Where to buy mohanlal spirit headphone ?

You might have seen this headphone used by MohanLal in the movie "Spirit" . It is called Retro Telephone Style Headset or Anti-radiation Retro Antique Style Mobile Phone Headset. Here are the results of my online research.

Source #1:Snapdeal.com @ Rs.799 /-
Link 1 Black
Link 2 Red

Source #2: Flipkart.com @ 850 /-
See the entire colours here

Source #3: dealsandyou.com 
Rs.959 , available in black and red.
Deal Highlights

Red Retro Phone @ Rs 959

Color: Black


Compatible with mostly all 3.5mm jack mobile phones including iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, HTC, Samsung and LG
Volume control for ease of use
Elegant silicone rubber finish
No batteries required

"Why is it pointless?"

It isn't the most practical thing to pop into your shirt pocket and is likely to get you odd looks whenever you use it.

"Why is it cool?"

Whole generations are growing up without knowing the satisfaction of slamming down the phone on a rude salesman. The phobile lets you relive that old-school feeling without having to sweep up the remains of your new smart phone.

To be fair, attaching an old-school handset to a modern mobile is a bit like tying a typewriter to a laptop. But that's exactly why we love it. It doesn't make sense, but it's guaranteed to get a laugh and attract attention wherever you may roam. Imagine the look on people's faces when your mobile rings and you pull this whacking great relic out of your pocket.


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extremely useful dude...i placed an order today...

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extremely useful arun...i did place an order...thanks..

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will you please tell me the typewriter used by mohanlal in spirit and how to get it

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Thanks arun. I was searching for it

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