Jan 6, 2013

iPhone apps for India

I think these are some of the iPhone apps every Indians should install

Banking apps
SBI, HDFC , icici, axis bank all have iOS apps

Messenger apps
Facebook messenger , whatsapp, wechat are must have
Facebook is used by many
Whatsapp is cross platform SMS app
Wechat is more than whatsapp. It has support for voice and video
Between iOS you have FaceTime for video and iMessage for messaging
Cross platform performance i.e.,between iPhone and android is poor for Skype

Expense manager

Google maps for navigation

All your favorite newspapers and magazines have app editions

Cinemax, PVR app to book movies
YouTube app to watch videos

You could also test apps that convert. Images to text
Apps that help you to blog eg. Blogger
Apps that help you to tweet/fb

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