Jan 6, 2013

Nano sim iPhone Tata Docomo how to

The idea sim is cut into Nano Sim to hold in iPhone 5

The golden area of TataDocomo sim is more and can't be cut, duplicate n cut
This article is for iPhone 5 users and not for iPhone 4 users who need micro SIM.
Nano sim required for iPhone 5 is not available for Tata Docomo subscribers in India. The option for them is as follows

1. Visit care center and ask for duplicate SIM card. You have to pay 30 rupees for this. This will be activated in minutes and the old sim will be deactivated.
2. You have to provide original proof
3. Make sure the golden area for new sim is less than that of the old sim
4. Take it to any shop that sells iPhone. They have sim cutters to do the task
5. They might first cut the sim to micro and then to nano

Note :I heard from shop that Bsnl and airtel already provide nano sims.

The Postpay TataDocomo Nano Sims are available in – source:Twitter Tatadocomo id
  1) TEC, Marine Drive, Cochin
  2)TVH Alwaye

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