Jan 26, 2013

Watch Mathrubhumi TV online at http://mathrubhuminews.in/

After waiting for quite sometime, the TV channel ( specifically Mathrubhumi News) of Mathrubhumi is on air .
Mathrubhumi is one of the front-runners among the Malayalam newspapers. The company entered the world of television and telecasting with a significant production house, MBTV (Mathrubhumi Television)

Expect some scoops . You could watch it online at http://mathrubhuminews.in/
Hope it helps while you are away from the TV set.

Update ( Nov 6 2013 ) Checkout the Kappa TV youtube channel here

There is no information on when the Mathrubhumi Music Channel "Kappa" will be launched.

Satellite : IS -17
Symbol Rate : 14400Ksps
Format : MPEG-4
Modulation : 8 PSK SEC: 3/4
Orbit Location :66 E
Downlink Pol: Horizontal
Downlink Frequency : 4006 MHZ
Carrier :DVB S2

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