Sep 11, 2013

Price of new iPhone-5s iPhone-5c in India

UPDATE May 2015: iPhone 5C 8GB now avaiable on for 20000 Rs.
Update : Reliance Communication offers an expensive EMI offer for iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S targeted at fools.The offer of iPhone 5S for Rs.72000 with whatever bundle is too expensive considering the advantages. Moreover Reliance don't have 3G speed everywhere, they may apply fair value ( reduce speed after X GB). It remains to be seen that Personal Hotspot option will be enabled or not or charged separately. If Personal Hotspot for iPhone is disabled then you won't be able to share the data connection with other devices. SMS is capped by TRAI. How many calls can a busy person make in a month ?

Update:apple iphone 5c and 5s will be sold in India from November 1 2013. Apple Imagine Shop at Lulu Mall Kochi has confirmed it.

@Macworld: Oh, one more thing, from Apple's site: Unlocked prices for 5s: $649/$749/$849 (16/32/64GB); 5c: $549/$649 (16/32GB)

Therefore in India the unlocked prices for 5S will be Rs.42834/Rs.49434/Rs. 56034 ( 16/32/64 GB ); 5C : Rs. 36234/Rs. 42834. ( 16/32 GB)
This calculation is based on the currency conversion rate of 1 USD = 66 Rupees. Due to tax and duty the price will be more than this. 
Apple Inc. has not announced the India launch date. 

Note: Apple Inc. today announced that iPhone 5s goes on sale Friday, 9/20. 5c available for preorder on 9/13, but ships on 9/20.

Meanwhile Apple retail stores in the US are selling iPhone 5 at a discount till the new models are out. Apple’s retail stores are offering their remaining iPhone 5  for 16/32/64GB models with $549/$649/$749 off-contract. 

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