Nov 5, 2013

How to buy 5kg LPG cylinder from petrol pumps?

How to buy 5kg LPG cylinder from petrol pumps? and at what price. These are the questions people have in their mind when news media reported that Sale of 5-kg LPG cylinders allowed at petrol pumps across India ( except election declared states ). Here are some of my predictions.

  1. This facility will be linked to a consumer card/id card.
  2. Cost of these cylinders will be very high since no subsidy will be given.
  3. Only company owned outlets will be selling these initially.( Prediction )
  4. Cost of 5 kg LPG cylinder will be Rs. 500. There will be a security deposit.
  5. This facility could help us if there is an urgent need .
  6. You could soon hear more accident reports. For example -   gas cylinder exploded inside vehicle.  Since people will be taking the  cylinder  in their private vehicle.
  7. This could serve as a rehearsal for upcoming rationing of diesel and petrol

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