Apr 27, 2014

[Solved] Cannot connect to the real www.google.co.in

Recently in my Google Chrome browser, I got the following error which said.

Cannot connect to the real www.google.co.in The same error came when I tried to access other sites starting with https .
Image showing the error Cannot connect to
Something is currently interfering with your secure connection to www.google.co.in.

Try to reload this page in a few minutes or after switching to a new network. If you have recently connected to a new Wi-Fi network, finish logging in before reloading.

If you were to visit www.google.co.in right now, you might share private information with an attacker. To protect your privacy, Chrome will not load the page until it can establish a secure connection to the real www.google.co.in.

I solved the issue by adjusting the clock of my computer to correct time!!!

Apr 24, 2014

How to solve BSNL Broadband Internet Connection Problem

UPDATE : Customers are facing net disconnection at 9 pm daily due to free calls jamming BSNL networks? In this blog post I will explain a simple technique to solve your intermittent BSNL Broadband connection problem. BSNL is India's top telecom provider run by the government.

Step 1: Open the router configuration page. Your BSNL ADSL router-modem has an internal website where you could configure/test the router-modem. Typical username password combinations are admin/admin  or admin/password.

Step 2: Click on diagnostic link as shown. In some router-modems the link might be hidden under a main menu. Now you could notice the failures. (FAIL in red color)

Step 3: Check if your phone has dialtone. If it has keep it off-hook. Restart the BSNL router-modem. ( You could do this either by pressing the hard button or by clicking "Reboot" in the above configuration page (under Management link)).

Try to access the Internet and you could see the connection is back!