Jul 18, 2009

Use BSNL Wifi Pre Paid Card at Trivandrum Wifi Hotspot @Trivandrum

UPDATE1: The tower of BSNL WI-FI hotspot at technopark is not functioning now. You can purchase a Type-B Wifi prepaid card and use in Mascot Hotel, Trivandrum

The following are the various private/public internal Wifi routers of companies at and around Nila building in Technopark.


Use BSNL Wi-Fi Prapaid Card and access high speed 54 Mbps max.


BSNL Wi-fi Hotspots Locations in Trivandrum now include Muscat Hotel and Nila building, Guest house at Technopark in Karyavattom. This was installed sometime back in Feb 2009 or so , but so far I have heard no one using it. I will test this on Monday.

BSNL Wi-fi Prepaid Card in Thiruvananthapuram. The usage instructions are simple. There is a 13 digit pin number which will help you to create a login ID. This is a quantum jump by BSNL who require every details upfront before we use any of their service.


I bought a card for 110 Rupees . It has a validity of 15 days. and 100 minutes usage time. This can be used at Nila building in technopark and at Technopark guest house is what BSNL claims. I will test this on Monday. The type-A hotspot has a better range than Type-B hotspot. The type-B hotspot of BSNL is at Muscat Hotel.

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Jul 14, 2009

RBI::Verified by Visa::MasterCard SecureCode from August 2009

UPDATE: VISA/MASTERCARD Credit cards has issues with international sites like paypal.com  after the RBI's move.

Himanshu says "My Mastercard has stopped working on almost all the International sites. I contacted Paypal and they told me that the problem lies with my bank and I should sort the problem out at my end. All my international transactions are stuck. I can not even purchase a renewal license for my Anti Virus. The whole thing sucks.
If RBI had to make it mandatory, they should have first made sure that this system works with international sites and then Enforce it. Trust me, almost no international site accepts this system. And it feels like I am living on an Island. No Global Citizen anymore but an Islander."

Robert Frost says "This is a dead technology, how can RBI include this without doing proper research. None of our cards will ever work on international sites like paypal and amazon."

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has mandated that from 1st Aug 2009 all online credit card transactions require an extra level of verification. Your credit card issuing banks are therefore, implementing a "Verified by VISA" or "MasterCard SecureCode" password.

August-1-2009 RBI:VISA
You will need this password to continue transacting online from 1st Aug 2009.

What is the "Verified by VISA"/"MasterCard SecureCode" password?

This is the password that your credit card issuing Bank provides. For example - ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Citibank, HSBC Bank, Axis Bank, SBI etc. This password is the additional layer of security for all your online transactions.

Register for your "Verified by VISA" or "MasterCard SecureCode" password with your credit card issuing bank before 1st Aug 2009

How it works?

Benefits of "Verified by VISA"/"MasterCard SecureCode" password

Even if you lose / misplace your credit card it cannot be misused online as the password is not present on the card.

Jul 12, 2009

Actress Meena weds Vidyasagar Tirupati July 12 2009

Meena weds Vidyasagar Tirupati July 12 2009 - Meena Wedding Photo 1

Meena weds Vidyasagar Tirupati July 12 2009 - Meena Wedding Photo 2

Jul 6, 2009

Mammootty's Blood Bank website http://bloodbank.mammootty.com/

Mammootty is now a twitter user. Please follow him at http://twitter.com/mammukka


Earlier this year he started blogging at http://blog.mammootty.com/

Access his blood bank link at http://bloodbank.mammootty.com/



" Blood is the common bond between human being. It is beyond caste, creed, religion or nationality. Blood cannot be harvested it can only be donated, this means only you can save a life that needs blood. Here we are trying to build an online blood bank directory and trying to create awareness among the masses for the blood donation. I request you to be a part of this venture by registering as a donor " - Mammootty


Please register there...