Jul 18, 2009

Use BSNL Wifi Pre Paid Card at Trivandrum Wifi Hotspot @Trivandrum

UPDATE1: The tower of BSNL WI-FI hotspot at technopark is not functioning now. You can purchase a Type-B Wifi prepaid card and use in Mascot Hotel, Trivandrum

The following are the various private/public internal Wifi routers of companies at and around Nila building in Technopark.


Use BSNL Wi-Fi Prapaid Card and access high speed 54 Mbps max.


BSNL Wi-fi Hotspots Locations in Trivandrum now include Muscat Hotel and Nila building, Guest house at Technopark in Karyavattom. This was installed sometime back in Feb 2009 or so , but so far I have heard no one using it. I will test this on Monday.

BSNL Wi-fi Prepaid Card in Thiruvananthapuram. The usage instructions are simple. There is a 13 digit pin number which will help you to create a login ID. This is a quantum jump by BSNL who require every details upfront before we use any of their service.


I bought a card for 110 Rupees . It has a validity of 15 days. and 100 minutes usage time. This can be used at Nila building in technopark and at Technopark guest house is what BSNL claims. I will test this on Monday. The type-A hotspot has a better range than Type-B hotspot. The type-B hotspot of BSNL is at Muscat Hotel.

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rocksea said...

yes bsnl internet services are good these days. so how is the connection?

Abhilash said...

I think it is has good speed.
But isnt it costly?

arun said...

@rocksea ... I was on leave on Monday, to test this on Tuesday.
It is not costly but the advantage is that you can download in one hour what I can download in 2 days using 256 kbps.

Anonymous said...

hi .
I will be going to kottayam, kerala in few days . i want to know if i can buy a airtel or any other company usb drive as a wifi provider. please let me know asap and if yes then can i get it in kottayam. i have an apt there and have a cable from the wall can i somehow put an extension cable in the wall so that i can have the laptop connected to it to work and move around in the house. pls pls pls can someone help me and advise . Thanks in advance . u can reach me at waytogocorp@yahoo.com