Jan 26, 2013

Income Tax 80C to 80CCG Save TAX 2012 13

Life Insurance
(Section 80C)

With tax savings, Life Insurance purchase becomes an effective long term savings cum protection option. Maximum tax saving through Life Insurance is 30,900.
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Health Insurance
(Section 80D)

Health Insurance is a cost effective way to protect your family against medical exigencies. You can get Health Insurance for self, immediate family or parents. It can save you 10,815 on Income Tax.
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Equity Linked Savings Scheme (ELSS)
(Section 80C)

ELSS is a category of Mutual Fund schemes that invest primarily in stocks and are eligible for Section 80C benefits. Here too, you can save up to 30,900 on Income Tax.
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Tax Saver Fixed Deposits
(Section 80C)

Tax Saver Fixed Deposits is another investment option introduced by the Government of India. Investments in these up to 1 lakh can save you upto 30,900 in Income Tax.
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Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme (RGESS)
(Section 80CCG)

RGESS allows new retail investors to avail additional tax benefit (over and above Section 80C) on 25,000 for equity investment of 50,000. It can save you up to 5150 on Income Tax.
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Watch Mathrubhumi TV online at http://mathrubhuminews.in/

After waiting for quite sometime, the TV channel ( specifically Mathrubhumi News) of Mathrubhumi is on air .
Mathrubhumi is one of the front-runners among the Malayalam newspapers. The company entered the world of television and telecasting with a significant production house, MBTV (Mathrubhumi Television)

Expect some scoops . You could watch it online at http://mathrubhuminews.in/
Hope it helps while you are away from the TV set.

Update ( Nov 6 2013 ) Checkout the Kappa TV youtube channel here

There is no information on when the Mathrubhumi Music Channel "Kappa" will be launched.

Satellite : IS -17
Symbol Rate : 14400Ksps
Format : MPEG-4
Modulation : 8 PSK SEC: 3/4
Orbit Location :66 E
Downlink Pol: Horizontal
Downlink Frequency : 4006 MHZ
Carrier :DVB S2

Jan 6, 2013

Nano sim iPhone Tata Docomo how to

The idea sim is cut into Nano Sim to hold in iPhone 5

The golden area of TataDocomo sim is more and can't be cut, duplicate n cut
This article is for iPhone 5 users and not for iPhone 4 users who need micro SIM.
Nano sim required for iPhone 5 is not available for Tata Docomo subscribers in India. The option for them is as follows

1. Visit care center and ask for duplicate SIM card. You have to pay 30 rupees for this. This will be activated in minutes and the old sim will be deactivated.
2. You have to provide original proof
3. Make sure the golden area for new sim is less than that of the old sim
4. Take it to any shop that sells iPhone. They have sim cutters to do the task
5. They might first cut the sim to micro and then to nano

Note :I heard from shop that Bsnl and airtel already provide nano sims.

The Postpay TataDocomo Nano Sims are available in – source:Twitter Tatadocomo id
  1) TEC, Marine Drive, Cochin
  2)TVH Alwaye

iPhone apps for India

I think these are some of the iPhone apps every Indians should install

Banking apps
SBI, HDFC , icici, axis bank all have iOS apps

Messenger apps
Facebook messenger , whatsapp, wechat are must have
Facebook is used by many
Whatsapp is cross platform SMS app
Wechat is more than whatsapp. It has support for voice and video
Between iOS you have FaceTime for video and iMessage for messaging
Cross platform performance i.e.,between iPhone and android is poor for Skype

Expense manager

Google maps for navigation

All your favorite newspapers and magazines have app editions

Cinemax, PVR app to book movies
YouTube app to watch videos

You could also test apps that convert. Images to text
Apps that help you to blog eg. Blogger
Apps that help you to tweet/fb

Jan 4, 2013

80C Tax Saving 5 yr Fixed Deposit Rates comparison

Note : This info is for assessment year 2013-14 only ( financial year 2012-13 ).
Tax Saving 5 yr Fixed Deposit have 5 year locking period. You could invest Rs. 1 lakhs in this under 80 C of Indian Income Tax . The comparison is here.

HDFC - 8.75 pct
Federal Bank - 8.75 pct
SBT - 8.5 pct
ICICI - 8.5 pct
Axis Bank - 9 pct

These rates are not for Senior Citizens who might get a +.25 or +.5 pct more. You don't have to open a savings account for investing in the tax saving deposit scheme.